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Thread: Any "Happy campers" Here?

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    Default Any "Happy campers" Here?

    So I just got done camping. We didn't get to do a ton of stuff. But it was fun. But how many of you guys like to go camping? What all do you do and who would you normaly bring? Where do you camp? And finaly, do you bring any diapers to wear?

    As for me, I LOVE camping mostly to get out of the house. My family allways go fishing half the trip(Which bores the heak out of me if we do it all day) but I normally walk the hiking trails and explore the woods. We normaly camp at the lake camp sites, which are good for fishing.. As for diapers, I never bring any becuse I have to share a tent. So I would have a very hard time getting away with it.

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    I love camping, through I tend to go with the less traditional activity of "get really drunk and dance round the camp fire to drum and bass" style of dancing. We tend to find places off the beaten track, and not on official campsites (they frown on drinking and camp fires ). I usually just go with a bunch of mates.
    I don't wear, I usualy end up smelly and covered in dirt/smoke after a camping trip, adding nappies to that mix would make it a little more unhygenic, especially with no shower/flowing warm water around.

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    Camping is always fun. Although most of the camping i do nowadays is at festivals. I went to sonisphere this year and it was bloody fantastic. I even took a cuddlz in the bottom of my bag in case i worked up the courage to watch one of the band while wearing but decided against it, which turned out to be a good idea in the end as my shorts nearly got pulled off on one of the mosh pits to pendulum of all things >_<.

    What do you think of Dubstep loopy? saw tech one at soni and they were filthy >

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    I've just come back from a week long scout camp, which was fun.

    Every time I have been camping recently has been with the scouts: a week every summer then about 2 or 3 other weekends throughout the year. What we do and where we go varies. On weekend camps, which will be fairly local, it's a case of organising small things yourself a lot of the time, with perhaps one big thing such as crate stacking. Summer camps are a jamboree somewhere (usually over 100 miles away) and there's a lot more exciting activities such as rifle shooting, archery, quad bikes, climbing, abseiling etc.

    And finally, I don't bring nappies because: a) I don't have any, b) it's sharing tents and with people I know, and c) with the lack of or reduced functionality of cleaning facilities - it wouldn't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by shyguy View Post
    What do you think of Dubstep loopy? saw tech one at soni and they were filthy >
    Nice I didn't realise they were playing dubstep at sonisphere, thought it was all heavy rock :P. I went to global gathering on the same weekend (well... a week ago :P) and inbetween the house music and dnb I managed to hit up the FWD:rinse fm stage, and saw Plastician during the day (bout 4pm nice and sunny ) and Joker in the evening. Well heavy .

    You weren't the only AB who went, I know of 6 all together who went to sonisphere this year :P.

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    I go camping a lot through the Boy Scouts. In fact, I just got back from a 2 month trip while working at a summer camp. I was in a quad, which is like a tiny cabin. Most of the wall is just screens, so it doesn't even feel like you're inside. It's shabby enought to where I'd still call it camping.

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    Camping is awesome. I usually thoroughly enjoy it.

    We usually go for a hike somewhere or just hang around, but recently I went with my dads Jeep club and we did a bunch of off road stuff. After the 'main event' of our day we just hang around the campsite. If I'm with my brother we do stuff, like play something involving magic or modern combat. By the evening the adults are lit up and it's a good LOL just to hang around the camp fire with them (and mom is still getting these sex ed books for us, so far I haven't learned anything new). That and I get to burn stuff.

    I usually only bring a book, my ipod, a pencil and some paper, and sometimes my airsoft gun beside the necessary stuff (tents, sleeping bags, ect.). I would like to bring diapers one time if I went with other *BDLs for the weekend or something, I would need to bring extra sanitary supplies though. That would be fun *daydreams*...

    There's always stories to be told after, and it's fun to try to do what the 'easy' campers do the hard way. Like starting the fire, for instance. One time we went out with some friends and they wanted to start the fire with lighter fluid (the easy way -__-), nope I got out a knife and flint and did it the old fashioned way. They were all like "This is taking too long, your not going to get it started." Sure enough though, we had fire...

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    I love camping and being outside with nature. Alaska has a lot of beautiful scenery but still have to be on the lookout for wild animals, especially bears.

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    Camping's tolerable, but tends to get on my nerves eventually. I'd say a couple of days, max.

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    I love camping. I probably go about 10 times a year Mostly in the summer, although I have braved january and it was so cold my stove froze up and my water container was just solid ice... not fun. Quite often i head out with a few of my mates to the local military land near my town and sling my hammock up, get the fire going and rave it up to DnB. You cant beat it. I also like to go off roading with my Landy and camp out the back of the car. I get to do that in a couple of weeks time too As for nappies, Ive taken a couple to a festival before because I thought it might be handy in the middle of the night when you need a wee but didnt use them because theres nowhere to wash and getting rid of them would be tricky with you mates around you all the time.

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