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    Hello. I am a teen girl, and I fancy myself a BDSM Domme, but I haven't really experamented with it in real life (at all. It's awfully hard to practice such while living in a house where guys aren't allowed after dark...or at all much).
    I ride horses, and they are a major part of my life (I will probably mention them alot.) Other than that I read and write.

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    Hi Glassrose, nice to see another girl, not many of us. I think horses are so cute! What type of literature do you read?

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    Woohoo! Maine is where Jessica Fletcher lives!


    Dan x

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    Hi there. I am certain you will find people willing to talk about your "extra-curricular" interests... but you should make clear if as a "teen girl" you are 18/19. If not, prudent "biological adults" will not broach anything sexual, not even discussion. Adisc is not centered around the sexual side of things though subjects to do with that are mentioned; it is a matter of focus. Moo hates Adisc being thought of as a fetish site, or a dating site for that matter; it's a support site; but part of that support involves us being willing and open to discussing things pertaining to sex.

    For instance you won't find erotic images here, unless you find diapered crotch shots appealing; certainly no X or R rated images. The ins and outs of BDSM are better covered on sites that are specifically about that. Don't get me wrong: neither I nor this site has anything against it, and many of us are all for it, and there is some expertise around here. It comes down to which venue is the appropriate one to discuss this stuff, not how appropriate the stuff is per se.

    That said, I would make these points:

    1. say if you are older/younger than 18. This is to protect you, whoever you talk to, and the site itself.

    2. Sexuality-stuff is all very well... but let's talk about other stuff; that way we can get to know you, who you are; your age is not the only determining factor as to whether any of us will be comfortable engaging in talk about those matters; and the same goes (presumably) for who you will enjoy speaking with. In fact, you should have a strict rule that you go to them, they don't go to you. You should be in control of who you want to hear from about adult things, well, any things really... You are young, female, inexperienced, (by your admission), explorative, interested, and vulnerable - for all these reasons. Keep your guard up.

    3. What I can say is this: fetish play should be "safe, sane and consensual. (And legal.) Read widely. Be informed. Take things slowly and carefully. RP stuff on line or in voice before exploring it in person. Just because you are ethical doesn't mean you can assume any one else has the same standards of ethics as you, or hygeine, or vindictiveness, or any number of things: not all people who share your interests have your interests at heart.

    I would suggest you spend time in chat; there to get to know the many of us who hang there. Decide who you want to get advice and education from. Do join in the discussions, or at least idle and watch who says what. You will pick up all sorts of info on various forms of rp, by no means all of it sexual. In fact hardly any of it. But people will point you in useful directions if you ask... things to read, web-places to go, individuals to avoid...

    Another thing: in the ab/tb/dl world men outnumber women; and women tend to get a lot of attention, from hetero and bi males; even the gay, asexual, and monogamous /married gals get more unwanted attention than you may guess. As a young gal wanting to explore adult and possibly risky things... you'll get more attention, pestering, nuisance callers, people cozying up to you, all that - than you could imagine.

    So I would suggest go in chat under a name other than your forum name.

    I would also steer clear of talking about these adult topics on the forums and instead contribute widely and often to all the other topics on hand. Music. Horses. What you like to read, what you like to write. Recipes. Guns.

    /me suddenly feels the "droning ball" thwack him upside the head - and as it ricochets with a plop into the plushy pile, I pause for breath... a thirst is upon me and I pause... had I lapsed into lecture mode?

    oh damnit, I think...

    At the risk of boring by audience, or coming off too preachy or even square, I thought these things should be said. Like those on-site safety meetings with mandatory attendance... so now you know where the breathing apparatus is, and what the warning signs look like. You may now proceed to go to work.

    PS - you know Anne Rice? The vampire author? I suggest you go look to see which, if any pseudonyms she wrote under... and what she wrote under them. That's where you'll find your next clue...

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