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Thread: Abu cushies or bambino?

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    Arrow Abu cushies or bambino?

    If anyone has tried both of them which do you prefer?
    I have enough money for bambino's, don't feel like buying the teddies now though.
    I would buy the abu cushies, but I have heard mixed views on the absorbency.
    Thanks a lot.

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    That is exactly what I wanted to ask :p

    I they fix the absorbency, ABU cushies.

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    The ABU diapers are much cuter and hold just as much after stuffing 2 pampers dri-max into them.

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    What do you want out of your diaper?

    I find the ABU far more comfortable (and cuter). They hold 3 wettings just fine vs 4 for the bambinos. I rarely need 3 wettings for a single diaper so I prefer comfort+cuteness. The problem w/ ABU is their reliability in shipping etc.

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    I've tried both...

    ABU Cushies: I've never had problems with shipping. As far as the diaper themselves, they are adorable and they feel absolutely amazing on yur bottom and in b/t yur legs, but the absorbency is not the greatest. They can hold a couple of wettings, but my biggest problem is that when I wet laying down or if I'm already pretty wet and I go to lay on my back, it'll leak out right at the backside of the leg/bottom part which isn't too cool! Same goes for laying on yur stomach. Also, I've heard a few ppl say that they've gotten theirs and they had pinholes in them so when they wet, they drip a tad bit. Didn't think I'd get those, but half of my last bag of Cushies were like that so I was super mad. BUT they are adorable.

    Bambinos: It's been a year at least since I used these, but I liked them alot. They absorbed ALOT and I had no problem with leaking no matter which way I turned in bed. The thing that kinda bothered me with these is that they kind of became uncomfortable after I used them. Another thing is that after using them and I took my diaper off in the morning, there was little white flakes/whatever left on my skin from the padding/stuffing inside the diaper, not a huge mess, but just having little tiny flakes of w/e that was on me kinda made me look for other diapers.

    So yea, Bambino's great on absorbancy, not the best on comfort. ABU Cushies feel amazing but have some issues with leaking. This is what happened with me, it might not be the same for everyone. I hope this helps out some

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    Bambinos definitely.

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    I'd go with Bambinos hands down. Cushies are cute, but so are Bambinos. However, Bambinos provide better absorbancy/fit and they are just as comfortable as the Cushies if not more.

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    Do they still sell the old bambinos or have they switched completely to the teddy ones?

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