I know this type of thread has been done before but w/e I wanted to share my own experience.

Ok, so just got my first case of bambino biancos. I opted for them over the classicos because I have this irrational fear of dying and my family discovering my stash while cleaning up my estate, and I want it to seem like 3.2% less weird... (This is also the only reason I have no other "Accessories" as of yet).


I've been wearing Molicare super plus for a long time, which I prefer over Abena X-Plus because the tapes aren't completely worthless, they aren't as absorbant, but i can live with it.

Out of the box with the bambinos and I was skeptical right off the bat, they're narrower (the crotch isn't as wide...), but then the molicares always seemed a bit too wide anyway.

Thickness is about the same.

The plastic feels more plasticy on the Bambinos but it's still soft, I like the feeling, feels more like the old 4 tape attends that got me into diapers in the first place.

The fit, I must say is fricking incredible..... While the molicares mediums where always just a hair too small on me, the bambinos are perfect, it's like they were made specifically for me. They are snug and comfortable, and I can already tell there is no chance of the tapes failing, ever.

The color, they're white instead of purple, enough said.

I also like that the padding comes up higher in the front, they only leave about 1.5 inch of plastic at the top, whereas the molicares had about 3 inches which was annoying, made them feel like they were falling off all the time.

Only beef so far, no wetness indicator.. I know I know, most of you hate the indicators, but I actually like them. They are great to use as a centering point when putting the diaper on, and they point out rather obviously when you're wet which is just something that I like. (The classic yellow Attends wetness indicator that turns blue is just so awesome).

Absorbancy, I don't really know yet... I am expecting them to be better then molicares. I'll let you know in a few hours