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    I know, I am about to make a very bold statement, but here goes.

    Limbo is perhaps the single greatest video game I have ever played on any console.

    I made my way through it three times so far, and although the game itself does not change, I get more out of it with each subsequent playthough.

    The gameplay itself is very simple, and it takes a backseat to the real reason to buy this game - which is the thematic content. It is hard to talk about it without spoiling the first playthrough, so I will talk about it in spoiler tags, and I request anybody who wants to discuss it further does so in the same fashion.

    DO NOT click the spoiler tag if you have even the slightest intention of playing this game to the very end. In fact, I would rather have only people who have experienced this game fully click the spoiler tag, but I really have no control over that. If you click it, and the experience of deciding for yourself what really happened in the game is ruined as a result of that, you have only yourself to blame. Consider this to be a fair warning.

    Needless to say, this game dives right into some very disturbing themes that no other game has dared to even touch. It is unsettling, frightening, and at the same time, cathartic and in the end, powerful and moving. If you ever thought that a video game could never be a work of art, you have never played Limbo.

    Of course, if you just want a simple and straightforward platformer that moves at a fast pace, this is not the game for you. Limbo took its time to work on me (even though the opening scenes pretty much had me wanting to see what happened next right from the start). However, even without the stellar use of symbolism, this is a very solid game on its own right. The controls are easy to learn, and the puzzles are appropriately difficult to master. This is not the most user-friendly game ever produced given the extreme precision needed with every move in many parts of the game, but pulling those moves off without being sawed to bits or impaled never failed to give me satisfaction, despite the circumstances the boy is placed in throughout the game.

    So, there you have it, my Limbo review. It may not be for everybody, but for what it is, it is perfect.

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    I thought it was pretty good game too, definitely recommend it. I thought the ending was rather predictable, I was like 99% sure that was how it was gonna end from the beginning. The puzzles were clever, but not terribly difficult which was nice because you got to feel clever without being stuck in any one part for too long. The visual style was certainly fun, and the use of a sophisticated 2D physics engine made the controls and object interaction pretty smooth, consistent and satisfying.

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    I really hope they release this for PSN,so I can give it a go
    mostly from reviews I picked up that it's too short
    that's really too bad,hopefully this indie game can get some funding and make an awesome sequel/prequel
    and I really haven't seen the ending so don't go telling me "that can't happen"
    I love the art and feel of this game,I believe it definitively deserves to grow

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