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Thread: Latex Gloves (or somthing of the sort)

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    Question Latex Gloves (or somthing of the sort)

    I am surprised i haven't seen a thread like this before (...maby i didn't look hard enough) But in short, have you ever used latex gloves (or something else if you are allergic to the latex) when putting on/changing your own diaper? I did this once and it was an interesting experience. Mainly I didn't want to get any of the pee (I don't mess to often but that too) on my hands at the time, but I found I had a lot more fun changing and diapering myself when I used these. Seeing as everyone should be able to find latex gloves around your house it should be an easy one to try.

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    I've always thought of it, but I've decided against it. I have a bunch of latex gloves though in my garage since my dad paints cabinets when he builds 'em, and stocks up on 'em.

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    My friend is a nurse, so he always has nitrile gloves with him. And whenever he changes my diaper, he uses the gloves. I don't find it especially exciting or anything, but I like it because it's clean.

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    I've used them a few times for changing a messy one. The smell is just impossible to get off your hands, ya know?!

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    Never thought to use them. I'd say 75% of the time when I take my diaper off I jump into the shower anyways.

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    Never for mine, I see no need. Though years ago I did work for special needs people and one of the duties was diaper changing so of course always gloves. Why I don't for just me, well it's my own body and always wash up afterwards.

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    never used gloves when having to change myself, however like ace Ive worked with special needs kids and when we had to change them we always wore gloves. remember if its wet and not yours you probably shouldn't be touching it

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    I understand the purpose those rubber gloves, but it feels really clinical/sterile and that I feel it detracts from the whole love and trust aspect of diaper changing. Even if bodily fluids and excretions are yucky XD
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    Yes, sometimes I do wear non-latex exam gloves. Like many people I am allergic to latex.

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    Nah I don't feel the need to, its my body, I know what's been there, and I'm going to wash my hands when I'm done anyway.

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