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Thread: kind of annoying

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    Default kind of annoying

    are goodnights really the only pull-ups that will fit me [waist size in profile]
    I wanna try a whole bunch of brands,so is there any other baby pull-ups that'll be ok [idk on adult ones.i already have depends..]

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    Thats an:

    Absolute YESSS! Yipeee!

    If your waist is that small (secret:P), I think you can fit perfectly (in adult terms :P again) in size 4T-5T Pull-Ups, or size 6 Easy-Ups. Im a waist 30 (a little less) and can fit in both.

    Also, there are the bedwetting products by Pampers: Underjams, which are smaller than Goodnites, but softer, and hold more. And if you have a Walgreens near you, there is also Kid's Absorbant Underwear, which come in the same size as Goodnites, but no prints, and fit differently.

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    ohh that one with no prints sounds fun
    I like blank ones

    so the 4T-5T pull-ups or size 6 easy ups
    what's beater of those two

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    Well, Pampers make stretchier sides, and have better absorvbency in my point of view. But they're kind of cheap. If you can afford it, get both.

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    Yeah, Easy-Ups (Pampers) is the competition of Pull-Ups (Huggies)

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    so wait you think the pull-ups are beater?
    and how about underjams?

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    Underjams are essencially Easy-Ups (Pampers) but in bigger sizes. And, personally, I think they're better, because of the fit, and absorbancy.

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    Underjams are essencially Easy-Ups (Pampers) but in bigger sizes. I personally prefer them, because of fit, and absorbancy.

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    Pampers < Huggies

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    Pampers < Huggies

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