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Thread: For a new purpose, I hope to help

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    Default For a new purpose, I hope to help

    Well here is my introduction. First of all I would like to say that I was drawn to this forum/website because of how inviting and friendly it is, but yet at the same time how mature it is. I had an interest in diapers starting when I was about 6-7 years old. It grew until I was able to act on the feelings I had by wearing depends. I went through the cycle of trying to accept my diaper wearing and trying to depart from it. When I got to college I found a way to manage it by wearing diapers occasionally. I am sure that this sounds familiar to some of you who may have had to hide or lie about your diapers to your friends or family I've been there.
    I have a greater purpose for being here other than to simply share my thoughts and experiences. Simply I am researching the AB/DL comunity (and any related). I have gathered information from websites based on psychology and secondary research by others. One place that I recieved info from was the Understanding Infantilism web site. But what I want to do is to simply talk to people who have been involved in this other than myself. I want to bring awareness to the group by writing an essay but I do not want to alieanate (piss off) anyone. I want to do this so that I may by able to help others: whether it is to help them understand thier feelings or to learn what other activities they can do.I want to show that ABs and DLs are not freaks but people. I have not made a big plan for where I will publish the essay because I want to research where I can that it may be appreciated. I assure you the right to privacy will be of my foremost concern so I will not quote you directly unless otherwise asked by you specifically.
    I could spend all day looking at past post but I would rather get straight to the point by posting direct questions than to have to dig it out. The topics that I will cover will range from a light look at psychology to comfort to general hobbies. This is not just for ABs and DLs; it is also for any one who is a Baby fur (someone please explain to me what a Baby fur is. I am unfamiliar with the term.) or who is incontinent and has relevant information for coping with diapers.
    I have had little experiance with forums so please be patient with me. I want your feed back on questions that I post over the next few days/weeks. I would like to encourage you to post questions as well that are relevant.
    Thank You.

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    Please, as a suggestion, make a post that isn't a full wall of text. It's hard to read.

    As far as a fur, there really isn't a actual definition for it. However, I must head off so I hope someone will answer your question.

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    hello lexi, I'm fine hope you're well too!
    carbonfiber, Im sorry for the "wall of text" I do have a bad habit of explaining everything all at once. the good thing though is that it means that Im not trying to hide anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Researcher View Post
    hello lexi, I'm fine hope you're well too!
    carbonfiber, Im sorry for the "wall of text" I do have a bad habit of explaining everything all at once. the good thing though is that it means that Im not trying to hide anything.
    Everybody has done it at one point, and it's alright, trying to read on...

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    to sum up what I said: I want to try to get people to understand and be aware of the AB/DL (and fur once I know a little more about it) people and to not be worried or scared about at least admitting it to themselves that if they seem to have desires and curiosities then they might enjoy becomeing part of it. and my goal is to collect info from all who are willing and and present an essay maybe here to the wiki or to several sights. (I am still not sure how to publish something like this.) Anyway, I am forming questions that I will try to post into the relevant forums (and they will be much simpler than my intro.)

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    Nice we can team up. Look tough my threads you'll find a couple interesting topics at hand really. ^^ Welcome to I'm dragsnick I also like trying to figure this stuff out.

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    thanks dragsnick! its one of those thing that I have always wanted to do and if I post something that is similar to some other post direct me to it. please. thank you. and that is for everybody.

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    First off people may judge you by your name, and think you are doing academic research... which puts many people off. They think it may compromise their privacy, or just may not want to be a guinea pig (guinea pig exhibitionistic fetishes notwithstanding.)

    You seem to me to be doing research on your own behalf, to understand this giant ab tb dl furry world you managed to find yourself belonging to, to understand your own nature, by seeing where and how you fit in.

    As to psychology... I can sum up the basics in a nutshell:

    1. the cause of infantilism or related urges (including object or action fetishes) remains a mystery.

    2. None of it constitutes a mental illness in and of itself. An illness is by definition a problem; any obsessive tendency can become an illness if it interferes with leading a healthy life, from gambling addiction to compulsive wanderlust; but the you can be a pretty heavy poker player or traveller before it would be considered an illness; even for a heavy indulger, if he fits his life around his obsession and adapts his life so it is a pleasurable activity and increases his quality of life, most would not call it an illness. Different is not always equal to bad.

    3. Our diapers (and other paraphernalia) and our rp, whether solo or among others, whether held in the imagination or acted out fulfills - nearly always - either its being a turn-on sexually, or its giving the player a feeling of safety and security; the latter implies the player has insecurities, needing to be dealt with. These [ getting turned on/feeling safe and secure] may overlap.

    And that's plenty of generalization for now. It is hard to make much more in the way of generalization, since though there are some common threads among our population things rapidly become a matter of what defines certain sub-groups, and at a finer scale, individuals vary all over the place.

    Oh - as to what a babyfur is, I would say it is a person who identifies as such, likes to imagine themself as an anthropomorphic animal and an infantile one. A description like this though, no matter how long and detailed, will tell you far less than time spent among babyfurs; join a skype convo with a few at once and listen in; read some babyfur stories; look at their art; read their adisc threads; go to where they rp in chatrooms and look in. There's a whole forum on adisc to read; it'll tell you who these folks "are" better than any textual description.
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