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Thread: Um...hello, I guess :)

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    Default Um...hello, I guess :)

    I'm first and foremost a furry, I guess, but I've had a sort of...hmm, what do you call it. Renewed interest in diapers? Anyway, I decided to register. I'm an amateur coin collector...amateur author...amateur photographer...amateur "a lot of stuff" I guess .

    As far as my ABDL/etc side, I'm really mostly a DL. A smidgen into the AB side, I suppose - but far too reclusive in "real life" to ever indulge in such a thing. Never revealed any part of this to anybody I know, and I never plan to. Have no desires to do so =/. Partly because of the consequences, of course, but I guess I have grown "content" in enjoying this aspect of myself alone.

    My furry side...I identify as a wolf. I have had the opportunity on multiple occasions to interact closely with an entire wolf pack, and the entire experience was quite...spiritual. Otherworldly. Taking a nap on the ground with a creature who could easily tear your throat out...fascinating. I definitely felt a connection, but to label it as "spiritual" or "emotional" seems to entirely miss it. I suppose one has to experience to know what I mean, and even then, no words exist to really describe it.

    My furry side is also a polar opposite of the real me in every way possible - I chose "Furry & Confused/Other" because of this. And yet, even so...if I woke up tomorrow as a furry, I'd act like the "furry me" that I've created in my head . Or, at least, I belief I would.

    I'm sure I've left plenty of things out, as a few paragraphs cannot possibly adequately describe a person in any reasonable way...but I hope I've covered the basics! Feel free to ask me any questions, I love being put through the "inquisition" so to speak ^_^.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC.

    How do you like photography? I have a friend who is into it and absolutely loves it.

    I can't say that I know much of anything about furrys but I am sure you can find someone who does here

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    Welcome to the site. I too love wolves, wolves and dogs. I have an affinity with them, and they with me. Enjoy the site and feel free to join in on the many conversations. We are more than just a diaper and furry site, and discuss almost everything under the sun.

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    So I have noticed . Already having lots of fun browsing around the threads. Threads on an incredible variety of topics .

    I love photography. Love it. Only as a hobby, though. I am not sure I would enjoy it professionally, where I am taking pictures that other people want me to. Anyway, it's fun .

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