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Thread: Who would you like to see diapered?

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    Default Who would you like to see diapered?

    I know this was done a while ago, but I decided to restart it.
    I would like to see this girl from my school who is kind of a bitch diapered.

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    For purely comedic reasons, and not sexual I assure you... Justin Bieber.

    I just think its the only thing he could do to make me think he's not an arrogant little shit.

    In all honesty, though... I'd suffice seeing my boyfriend in them. Not sure why, though, when I prefer being the passive one, but... Never mind. That's not an internal debate for 2.20am.

    Dan x

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    My good friend. I would love to see him in just a diaper. (he doesn't know about my diapers)

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    Uhhh....Justin Bieber. Perhaps I'd never have to hear his "music" ever again because no one would ever play it again.

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    Thumbs up Taylor

    Taylor Lautner. I'd go gay for him. plus he's furry. lol

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    1) My ex, I still talk to her after two years (?) and she knows I'm interested in this stuff.

    2) Taylor... different one - Swift. Don't ask me why.

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    Fantasy Realm Non sexual reasons with out any meaning to be creepy: Macaulay Culkin, Elisa Wood, Alex D Linz, Joey Cramer, even the kids who played as Lex and Tim from Jurassic Park young James Tyberus Kirk from star Trek XI and little Anakin Skywalker and a few other movie children as well. <- All as children would look way cute. Wesley Crusher, Marty McFly, Luke Skywalker for being such a wining baby all the time.

    IRL a few of my friends

    Note to Mods: If any of this is creepy please delete this message and let me know about it and I will cease these kinds of posts and thoughts all together.

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