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    I am new to diapers and had used depends, but found when driving they leak pretty quickly. The Abena X-plus got such good reviews I wanted to try. I find them very bulky, not comfortable at all and I would worry they show.

    I guess I wanted a nice tight diaper fit. Maybe I need one that has less capacity. Don't really want to carry a gallon in any case, but do want better for driving. Any ideas out there? thanks.

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    Abena makes lots of different diapers in multiple sizes. There is not one perfect diaper for everyone and ever situation.

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    So you're unhappy with Abena because you bought their thickest diapers? Dude, everything is thicker than Depends. I actually find the X-plus's to be quite comfortable. Depends are scratchy and are just generally uncomfortable for me.

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    I've personally never tried the X-Plus. I've always gotten the Super, and sometimes I find them to be too thick. Like others have said, the Abenas are not for everyone.

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    I have the same problem with the x-plus, they are way to bulky for me, and impossible to hide under my cloths. I am really skinny, and like to wear proper fitting cloths, so a x-plus, or similar thick diapers just are to thick for me.
    The good thing, is that abena makes the exact same diaper, in different thickness/absorbency, I prefer the abri-form super (_2)

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    Thanks for the ideas. I'm seeing there is a learning curve here to find the best one for me. I'll try out your suggestions.

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