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    I really want to wear a baby diaper - it can be a pullup or a diaper... it doesnt matter... its going to go along with an abena...

    So pampers or huggies whats better
    are the dry max good...

    also - how stretchy are the goodnights.

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    It doesn't really matter which if you can't fit into either of them. What's your waist size?

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    im assuming you mean you want to stuff an abena with a baby diaper... any baby diaper will work, they all absorb pretty much the same amount give or take a bit (i actually did a science project on it, the difference between the most absorbent and the least absorbent was only like 3cups.

    i wouldnt stuff with a goodnight they have no holding capacity. As for Dry max ive heard about alot of rumors with it. some people are saying its causing skin iritations, but most people think its just bull and in the causes when theres actual proof of the rash that there is another reason and not the Dry max. but thats up for you do decied if you wanna get dry max...

    so ya any baby diaper will do just fine as a stuffer.

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    I liked pampers the most between pampers/huggies.

    Never tried luvs though a lot of people recommend them.

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    Help full video for stuffing diapers.
    How to stuff an adult diaper with baby diapers.

    AB/DL Videos

    Hope this helps. ^__^

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