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Thread: Hay all.

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    Default Hay all.

    I am new on this side. About my self .... I am a student, and in my spar time i play soccer. But often vend i am alone, i like to play with diapers . I dream about being diapered and have to wear only little girls cloth. And maybe a baby harness, I cut fit of course
    No body no about my diaper fetish, only my Mom. One weekend vend we was home alone, she made me ware only my little sisters Hello kitty shirt and of course a tick diaper, only to due number one.
    We have done this a Koppel off times, and every time mom have found something new for me to ware. The newest is a pink plastic pans, with ruffles and a white baby harness.
    I love my mom

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    well now that we know about your personal life what do you like that is more mainstream?

    do you have any hobbies?

    like I like Gundam and Classical Music.


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    Another Scandinavian fellow here mate! Välkommen, hälsningar från Sverige!

    Tell us a bit about yourself, we're friendly people. Interests? Hobbies?

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    Thanks you for the post.
    Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.
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