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    Well What up everyone? Hope everything is going good. Oh you ask how i am....well.....Not going to lie....Been better loads better. The one good thing is I finally have a job as a lifeguard and a swim instructor. My girlfriend who I thought loved me went and cheated on me with a senior. Then I went and I tried to find myself and what I saw I was not too happy with. So I changed that and got this job and Now I am here. Still sad and depressed. But whatever its just nice to know That I am always welcome here. Thanks For being here Tbdl...wait I mean A-DSIC. lol I will not get used to that.

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    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you shit, make sure to change the diaper ASAP!

    Grats on the new job, I'm sure you deserved it!

    It's not so hard to get used to ADISC, I give it a week. ^_^

    Hope to see ya posting round some more!


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    Sup...... ...why did you put the "-" in ADISC?

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    The principal that I base my life of: "When life gives you lemons, throw the lemons back and tell life to make its own god damn lemonade!"

    Maybe you could learn from that...


    P.S. Dont worry about it...there are many fish in the sea...I hope you live near atleast a lake and a lot of sun...topless lake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error404 View Post
    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you shit, make sure to change the diaper ASAP!
    Okay... that's a classic... instantly quotable right there.

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    Congrats on the new job. hope all other things will work out as good as that.

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    Here at ADISC, we will always accept you! :happy: (as long as you're not a pedophile or really noob-ish )

    Good to hear you've gotten a job. Sorry about your girlfriend, but things like that often occur during the teenage years. *Rolls eyes 1000 times*

    When I first came to ADISC, I could never remember the acronym and I'm too afraid to put it in my bookmarks in case my family sees it. Now, I think it's kind of catchy... Ey-dee-I-ess-see...

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    Man...when you said TBDL that threw me off...I'm so used to adisc now :P Good to hear you got the job you wanted, sure beats what alot of other teens end up doing for money (see: my high school McDonald's career)

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