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    Hi im 22 and a diaper lover. I love bambino and abena diapers. I dont want to say to much just incase someone knows me.

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    Hello Dloverjack! can you tell us more about you outside your diaper loving? do you have any interests or hobbies elsewere do you like cartoons or any other form of entertainment?

    also dont be too worried about people catching you on here its almost impossible to depict you from general posts.

    and welcome to

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    ...Franklin? Is that you? It's Rosco, from accounting. We got to talking about ball bearings at the last Christmas party. Wasn't that a time? Wait until I tell Melanie about this, she always said that you needed a woman to change you. Boy, was she ever right!

    Anyway, I understand your caution. It's pretty unlikely as long as you're careful about certain key indicators. I hope you'll get a little more comfortable in time. For now, welcome

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    lol, that was a good one, Trevor!! i don't think you have too much to worry about as far as that goes, you have to have some pretty personal stuff on here and even then for someone to be on here and to figure out it is u they would obviously have to be into this stuff, am i right? I only have about 6 people that know i wear diapers and they won't tell anyone, they know it is for personal reasons they just dont know i love wearing them too! what they dont know wont hurt them! To dloverjack, dont worry about it, even if someone you know finds out you wear diapers, they wont care if they think it is for personal reasons, they dont need to know the real reason, do they? and if they dont want to hang with you anymore they weren't a real friend to begin with! have a good one, send me a message sometime!

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    haha trevor you funny!

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    Hi !
    I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

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