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Thread: With Dady and caretaker for the weekend or moreso!

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    Default With Dady and caretaker for the weekend or moreso!

    ok so this Saturday to Tuesday my daddy is getting with my caregiver who know each other and taking me out still not sure of all the plans ive been wondering what to come up with ideas for what to do.

    as this is the first time and who knows when the next time i get to see him is as he lives so far away, i could really use some ideas for what to do!

    try to keep it PG please this isnt a sex stop. and im past the simple ideas, changes, bottle feeds, ect and all ideas will let me have some fun!

    *hugs all*

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    Is it your real life dad? If so congrats. As for ideas, you could go to a park or movies.

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    no not RL dad jusy my "daddy" and thanks for the idea

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    Zoo! :P Always good for a fun day out, especially for furs .

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    Well just got to my blog. I had an awesome day. You can get ideas from there... but I recommend movies. ^^ Those kill time and you can be babied during it....

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