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Thread: Slight Sexuality Confusion

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    Unhappy Slight Sexuality Confusion

    Well.. When I had mentioned before that I was mostly gay and into males.. It seems to have changed for me alot now making me think I could be Bi. Reason being is I've opened up more to females, but my sexual attraction seems to come from males for some reason, only problem with liking both genders is I have a slight fear of errr... "really personal moments" with them. (The "S" word to be precise") >.>; I dunno, maybe I need to experience it before I get so worked up about it.

    Other thing is my folks are always close minded about this and saying "Oh quit labeling yourself, your manly and into girls" I haven't spoken to them about it ever since because.. well I plan on keeping it myself until the day I have someone I show true feelings toward is standing right next to me. Problem being is if it were a homosexual relationship is my father would obviously bother me about it since he had a bit of a "run-in" with one on an elevator making him intolerant of them.

    Lastly, I just don't feel comfortable asking anyone out that isn't aware and open minded of the whole Furry DL thing. Alot of the people I've grown really attracted to is the ones I know online, have spoken through voice, and by viewing eachother on webcam who are tolerant and into it themselves. I guess.. I'll just have to see what comes my way.. and if my folks get in the way I'll just have to defend what I love most.

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    I think you shouldn't get worked up about any of it to begin with... just be you and don't worry about the finer details, yes?

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    I know how you feel Purplepup *hugs* life can be so complicated sometimes. What about trying to see how you feel with both boys and girls. If the situation arises with either, just see where it takes you. Im sure your head will tell you what feels right for you. Dont worry too much about what other people think though, deal with that when you know what you want. Like TygerLily says, take it easy, dont worry about it, just go with the flow.
    I wish you the best of luck and hope you can find your peace with someone special, be they boy or girl.

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    How old are you? If you are under twenty this will most likely just work itself out so don't worry about it. If you are older realize sexuality isn't static, it can change.

    Don't let your parents overly influence your decisions though. If you are not sexually attracted to women you will be in for a world of hurt in any long term relationship. You could be completely compatible on a personal level, the best friends in the world, but the sex thing will stress and end any relationship you try and have. Don't make yourself and some poor girl miserable to spare your family. It can be easy to confuse strong friendships with attraction, especially when you are younger. I have way to much experience in that department.

    The real difficulty is going to be forming any lasting relationships involving your fetish. There are really two main thoughts on it. Try to find someone into it, hope you are attracted to them, and pray you are compatible, or try and find someone you like that you are attracted and compatible with, and hope they can accept your "quirks." The problem with the latter obviously being rejection, and the problem with the former being that you are introducing a whole lot of expectations up front. I have had better luck with the latter than the former. I also tend to hang around and attract very open minded people open to experimentation.

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    Okay, I'm 23, and my own sexuality is pretty FUBAR. You've got nothing to worry about.

    As a human guy, I'm into strictly females. Straight, right? I primarily enjoy gay furry art & stories. Does enjoying sexual intimacy between fictional same-sex creatures make one gay? Yes? Maybe?

    If furries were real, I'd still be into females, if I were still human...but if I were furry, I'd be strictly gay, and a...erm, receiver, at that (as opposed to my 'human' nature, where I'm fairly dominant). That's where my interests lie. I stopped trying to rationalize it a long time ago, and just accepted it. As nice as it is to have a label to be able to describe oneself, I don't even really have one that could describe me in "general" (in terms of sexuality).

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