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Thread: Getting Diapers?

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    Default Getting Diapers?

    Is there any good way to get ahold of diapers? I don't have a store close enough to bike to, and i don't have a car...???

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    get a Prepaid Visa card next time you go to the grocery store with your parents?
    Get a paypal, and sell some things on ebay?


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    Internet order... but be careful you don't get caught.

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    About 12-13 miles to the nearest store, with virtually no time to do so, also, my parents keep close tabs on me, (this is being typed on a game console, it is untraceable)

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    I'm just wondering... Why does everyone or almost buys diapers in stores rather than the Internet if it's so humiliating?

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    B\C some people can't order off the internet b\c they live with their parents like me

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