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Thread: How intertwined is your lifestyle with infantilism?

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    Default How intertwined is your lifestyle with infantilism?

    For example... do you wake up in the morning diapered and have a nice warm bottle of milk in the morning along with cereal everyday? Or do is it weekly? XD what I'm trying to say how often do you regress?

    Me I can't sleep unless I'm regressed rather when I get tired I start getting little. My speech slurs my mind gets simple etc etc. And every morning I wake up really little. I love the feelings of it and what not. It's amazingly awesome XD My fiancee doesn't mind it much and when we get married and sleep together she's gonna be like yay. Granted this only happends when I'm trying to get to sleep. so yeah what about you guys? Do you do something babyish everyday? bottle of milk? diapered at night? etc.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Well... I'm more of a DL than an AB, so... not that much.

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    I don't do it enough. All the concerns of being a homeowning job-holding adult seem to get in the way, as weird as that sounds. I get into spurts where I'll get padded every night and I want my paci or a bottle, but then I'll go for a few weeks without putting a diaper on. Generally, I want to be able to enjoy it if I do it, and just putting a diaper on while I cut the grass or something doesn't quite get there for me anymore. If I'm just going to get padded to go to bed for six hours because I have to wake up for work, I don't even bother a lot of times.

    But, if it's a weekend and I have some time to myself, then I might go for it and get wrapped up and enjoy.

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    Right now, as I am on my second honeymoon, it's much more intertwined than it usually is. I wonder if I'll get dependent on sleeping every night with a pacifier and my new dolly as a result; I wonder if I've already become dependent on them within the past near-week.

    I am always diapered, and I have long had enough toys and children's DVDs to look like some odd girly toy store exploded, as far as my usual daily life goes.

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    I have two scenarios. usually, I just wear padded to bed and wake up wet. I love to just lay around for a while. Sometimes, and this is when I'm not going off to work, I go out to the kitchen, have some coffee, and read the news paper while wet.

    The other scenario is when no one is home for hours and I get to have my time. Then I'm likely to use my bottle, and do "other things". I really get a chance to regress when I'm alone.

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    It's a come-and-go series of waves for me, really. But I've found I really can't do it unless I go all out; meaning just wearing isn't enough for me. I usually put on one of my dresses or a romper of a sort, grab my paci and a sippy cup, and play with my stuffed animals until I get tired and whatnot.

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    How often do I regress?

    I guess the answer would be as often as possible. I'm kinda in the same boat as xbabbyx. The normal everyday activities of being a "homeowning job-holding" adult seem to get in the way of baby-play. It sucks being grown-up sometimes.

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    As much as possible.
    Weekends are mainly a baby only time (as long as there aren't too many adultivities to do), weekdays only really at night if I get the chance/workable.

    I still wake up clung to my teddy regardless though so I still get the little feeling.

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    I keep them as separate as possible, and engage in them as two completely disparate lives. I usually partake in AB/DL activities in the evening, when i'm done with everything else and want to relax. It isn't that often that I sleep padded, and if I do it is on a night where I don't have anything to do the next day. That way I can sleep in and enjoy wetting when I wake up in the morning.

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    You guys are all lucky, here's what I have: No diapers, no pacifiers, no bottles, no anything babyish. Luckies

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