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Thread: I think I may have IBS

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    Default I think I may have IBS

    I have been having chronic abdominal pain and diarrhea for the last 8 months or so, ever since I got over what the doctor said was Mono. When I was sick I had a fever of 103 degrees, migraines, fatigue, and diarrhea for 3 weeks straight. Went to the doctor and she said I had a viral infection, possibly Mono. Ever since I got over it I have experienced IBS like symptoms. I think it is IBS-PI.

    So my main question is, how do I bring this up to a doctor to confirm or deny that IBS is what I am experiencing?

    Also it kind of makes me wonder if this is God is saying "So you want to be in diapers? Now you have no choice."

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    Or, it could be something else. Try not to self-diagnose, it makes things harder on you. I know. Now, how to talk with your doctor? Just say "I'm having X, Y and Z symptoms." They don't care. If you've been having pain and diarrhea for that long, something is up. I think they say that if the symptoms last longer than 2 weeks, then you should go to see a doctor. So make an appointment and tell the doctor. Trust me, that's not nearly as awkward as going in and saying "My balls really fucking hurt, can you check me out?" and then explaining to your doctor that it couldn't be an STD that you have, because you haven't had sex with anyone or anything except your hand, your sock and your mind. But I digress.

    However, I wouldn't bring up your self-diagnosis. A lot of doctors tend to get a little bit iffy about the whole self-diagnosis thing, and some can be downright rude about it.

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    have you tried a different diet? all the earlier upset most likely ruined your bowel flora and you would need to regain the bacteria again; if the food you're eating has too many chemicals or is spicey, you may have not yet restored your bacteria. that may be a long shot given the length of time since the upset, but it's not likely to harm you any.

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    Have you had any yogurt to eat in the time since recovery? That will repopulate the needed bacteria in your gut if that is the issue. You'll typically know within 2-3 days.

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    It can be a lot of things. Are you overweight? I'm not huge, but I definitely need to lose some. Meanwhile, I've been having very strange bowels over the past... well, like nine months. Loose sometimes, but never bad or consistently enough to consult a doctor, just comes and goes. Recently I saw my doc for a pre-college physical and she found my triglycerides are high, did some more digging, and I have a condition called fatty liver (that's a result of weighing too much for too long). One of the side effects is the bowel issues I've been having. I'm still working on losing weight, and also started taking fish oil. As a result, it's largely cleared up.

    I'm not a doctor and I'm not saying you have what I have. I'm saying there's a definite option aside from IBS and I'm sure many more beside the one I mentioned. But only a doc can tell for sure.

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    You could also have a diet issue. Here are a few things to glance over. But yes, definitely should talk with your doctor. Let them evaluate you and get most of their questions out of the way and give you their initial thoughts before you bring up IBS, follow up with "I'm worried I might have IBS, what do you think?" Asking them first to evaluate you LOOKING for a specific condition may affect how they diagnose you - it's easier to "find" something if that's specifically what you're looking for, if you know what I mean. Don't give them a bias from the start, save the question for after they've had a chance to evaluate you. Just give them your symptoms to start with and they may find something totally different than you were expecting. If your problem is subtle or tricky to actually identify, feeding them an "easy out" at the start is not in your best interest.

    Celiac Disease

    WHFoods: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Though Celiac Disease is genetic and is something you deal with all your life, there are other conditions that can suddenly come up. Many conditions share symptoms with IBS.

    Those are just a quick few. There's a LOT of possibilities out there. (like Chron's)

    (if you change your diet, sometimes the body doesn't like the change, or it doesn't like when you try to change back, and it's not necessarily indicating a problem)

    Re-reading that link on Celiac Disease, I learned something new: "Sometimes the disease is triggered—or becomes active for the first time—after surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infection, or severe emotional stress." That may apply to you.

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