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Thread: Please help. I would like to hear from "natural female Mommies" or AB's who met Female Mommies who were already a Mommy before meeting an AB male.

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    Default Please help. I would like to hear from "natural female Mommies" or AB's who met Female Mommies who were already a Mommy before meeting an AB male.

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    I am on a vacation hiatus, so if I do not get back to you until the Friday or Saturday after this week, please accept my apologies.

    Now, I know I am a rare breed, but I am an AB and a "natural female" and a real life mother and mother figure. However, I am never in the caretaker role during age play. My husband, on the other hand, is quite a paternal man, often to an overly protective degree in regards to me and our actual children.

    Anyway, this is the first relationship in which both of us are fully in these kinds of roles. We have stood on the borders of our respective roles before, so to speak, and I don't know if I am allowed to further explain this or even if I can in regards to my own sexual behavior because I am one thing when I want you in the room and something much different once we're actually in bed together.

    I cannot really speak for my husband, of course, nor can I speak for female AB "mommies" that I know, but I think what it ultimately boils down to is a desire to care for someone on an extremely intimate and amazing level. Your partner is thoroughly dependent on you during these sessions, and there has got to be something precious about that.

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    Please post an introduction first before asking this forum and its members rather intimate questions. It's best to first give (information about you) before you take (information from others)!

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    I'm a mommy by nature, despite hating actual children. No AB in me at all, maybe some DL, but definitely not AB. I've always had some sort of dormant maternal instinct inside of me that was waiting to come out. Deep down, past the chainsaw-loving, doll-hating child that I was, I really did want to be a mother. I just shoved it down deeper with hole-digging and tree-climbing. Then about three years ago, I saw some sort of boys-in-diapers site during my usual summer routine (just me, a 2 liter diet Dr. Pepper, and the good 'ol porn sites) and I fell in love with the thought of boys my own age...acting like babies. I eventually warmed up and started acting 'sweeter' in certain ways. You know, like blushing at the mention of diapers or babies. I was suddenly gushing over these thoughts, and decided to pursue it further with the magic of the internet.

    I know, I'm the strange tomboy-mommy. Sue me. No, really, I have three boxes of ramen and 10 pounds of rice to my name.

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