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Thread: Bambino Teddy Review

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    Default Bambino Teddy Review

    So, I already got my case of bambino teddy today! I guess I should let everyone know how they are, if anyone is considering buying them.

    The new tape design is pretty interesting, I originally thought that the diaper itself would be stretchy. I was wrong lol

    The tape itself is whats stretchy. I also wanted to see how hard you had to pull to break them. At about 1.5" they snapped. Considering you'll probably never stretch as much as an inch, Id say theyre pretty sturdy. They do add a really snug fit too, and on the one im wearing right now most tabs are only stretched about 1/3". As far as the blue "landing zone" style, not my favorite, but I can see why it would be necesary in this type of tape system.

    These definitely feel like they cant be removed and reapplied quite as many times and the original, but still, probably more than most diapers!

    These are really comfy and much softer than classico. As far as absorbency, I cant tell much of a difference. I havent had a chance to fully test them out, but theyre at least as good as the classico.

    About the same thickness as well. Keep in mind that the teddy diaper is fresh out of the package and the bambino have had time to "fluff up"

    Over all, Id say its a good diaper, and by all means lives up to the quality that the company is known for. I wouldnt mind some slight changes to the tape system, but I do really like the stretchiness of them. (no one can have EVERYTHING they want lol) Also, bambino messed my order up. They've only made one small mistake for me in the past, but they didnt ship their new booster pads that I ordered. They were prompt about fixing it, its being shipped today. But just to mention it... Im sure its because of a ridiculously high sale volume all of the sudden..

    Also, this is my first review, let me know if I missed anything!
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    Wow! I am definitely gonna buy a bag, as soon as they have large ones in stock. Thanks for the review! Why don't you consider making this into a wiki article?

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    Thanks for the review. I was considering buying them but was put off initially by the design. However, now that I've had a closer look at them and an in-depth examination of their quality I think I'll try a pack.

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    The plastic on the front tape isnt half as thick as the original, makes it a little more flexible. Glad you guys like the review! =] thanks for commenting

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    Wow, you must have ordered them right that morning!

    Thanks for the pics!

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    They werent available till late afternoon, but I did order them pretty quickly. Plus I live in northern california, they shipped it yesterday and last night it was in sacramento ready for departure lol.

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    I hate the text they just had to throw on the design that looks completely out of place. OCD nightmare for sure. Other then that I can't form a fair opinion till they arrive in my own hands.

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    Wow, great review!

    I've been thinking about buying more Bambinos for the past several months...I am glad, in this case, that my hesitant behavior allowed me the opportunity to get something even better. I finally bought another case! ^_^

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