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Thread: Zeh Germans!!!11

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    Default Zeh Germans!!!11

    I'm not really a new member of this community as I was kinda active on and on IRC around 3-4 years ago (has it been that long o.o?), but so much has changed with the new site and everything, so I felt like giving it a go again

    I'm currently 20 years old and living in Germany. I kinda boosted my English skills through visiting *B/DL sites back in the day and grew a bit bored of it after 1-2 years, especially after getting together with my girlfriend . My free time has been limited drastically through my job, but luckily I've managed to become bored again in the little time I call my own, so why not socialize and sign up here?

    If anybody is interested, my work is mainly about computers. I might share a bit more when I get to know some of you again, but I've made bad experiences with "personal information + teh internetz + real life" before (please don't post my old name if you remember me ).

    I hope I'm welcome


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    hay m8 welcome bk I wish I could say I remember u but I came after u left I think

    Anyway gd to see old members bk and u should cheack out the new stuff on the forms

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    Welcome back, person who hated the company my brother works for now.

    Glad to see you rolling back in after that many years. I hope you've been doing well on your job and with your girlfriend, and do stop by the chat more often!


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    Welcome back to ADISC, r0bino. I've noticed we have a lot of Europeans on ADISC.

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    Hehe, thanks for the warm welcome

    I will be idling in the channel from now on, and I'm usually at my computer "all day", so I suppose I will chat a bit, too.

    Peachy: I know quite a few people working for them, and so far they seem to be doing a better job than most competitors

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    hello! i dont remember you.......

    anyways, Have fun on the forums!

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    Welcome back to the community!

    I hope you plan to stick around this time!

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