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Thread: Diaper Dilemma

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    Question Diaper Dilemma

    I've run into an interesting situation with my wearing 24/7. Not a huge problem... but one I'd like some advice from y'all on.

    I haven't yet begun bedwetting... infact most mornings I don't even really need to go at all until I've been up and moving for 5-10 minutes. The problem that this creates is I don't really want to "waste" my more expensive diapers on night-time use if I don't truely need them.

    When I get home in the evenings I change my diaper from work when it is full then give myself an hour or two to "air out" so I don't get a rash. This means I re-diaper for the night at between 7:00 & 8:00. I am usually asleep by 11... so it's really only 3-4 hours of wakeful wearing. Not a lot of time to soak a thick diaper if I am just maintaining my normal fluid intake. This leads me to thinking that I should buy some cheaper diapers like Depends or something to wear at night until I actually start wetting.

    At the same time... from what I understand of it a big part of me eventually being able to wet while in bed/asleep focuses on being very comfortable and removing mental blocks that peeing while laying down is a bad idea. That being said the few times I have been able to wet while in bed have been absolute floods from an overfull bladder and simply not getting up so I had no choice but to go in my diaper. A cheap-o diaper like Depends is simply not going to handle that and I am going to end up with wet sheets. I know this for a fact so I wonder if getting a cheaper diaper will actually hinder my progress towards a loss of control at night.

    Please feel free to offer any advice or criticism you may have... b/c I seriously don't know what to do at this point.


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    I'd say get a package of Depends and see if they'll work for you at night.

    I'm surprised that
    (1) You consider your sleep time a time where you cannot use your diaper. I can't sleep through a night without peeing, so I do not make a difference between times of sleep or being awake as far as my diaper use is concerned.
    (2) You haven't mastered the art of wetting while laying down, even after that many months/years of 24/7 use, but I guess that's due to (1), i.e. a lack of practice.

    If you find that you suddenly pick up the art of peeing in your sleep, or at least peeing while you're in bed, you can always switch back to better diapers. Alternatively, see if you can teach your body to pee more often at night or at least to wake up with a strong urge to pee.


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    Why don't you get a pack of something in a pull-up designe, and wear them to bed that way if you do use it your covered, or if you only like adjustable breifs, I have used CVS refastenables for sleeping, I never used them to wet, but if I had to go I would just open and pee and reclose.

    And you could wear them untill you decided to toss them, you may be abel to get a few nights, or possibly longer, it's all up to you, you could even put in a soaker panel, of some sort like a small towel, and you would just wash the towel, that way you wouldn't need a huge package, just maybe a pack with a dozen or so would last you quite awile.

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    You could wear a cheap brand until you actually start wetting the bed...Just double them, or plastic pants or something just in case...And when you can wet, well then wear the better brands

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    Well I think this really comes down to wether or not you want to wet the bed. If thats what you would like, then I would say stick with the good diapers, cause like you said a Depend isn't capable of containing one of your night wettings. Then you can work on being able to wet at night. If you don't want to start wetting the bed, then I would say get the depends. If at some point you do start to actually wet, then you can switch back to the good ones.

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    do you take in any fluids before you go to bed at night? If not then condsider a glass or two of water an hour before bed. When you get the urge to pee in the middle of the night, just wake up, get into a comfortable position (lying on you back works best) and just let it go. The key is to close your eyes and just relax as much as possible. when your all done, go back to sleep. I've tried this already with good results took about two weeks to settle in, now i wet just about every night.

    As for the switch to the depends, i would reconsider. I dont like using them by them selves in case i have to go more than once during the night. After one wetting it gets risky and could leak. I would either go double diaper with the depends or buy a cheaper store brand like CVS or Walgreends and buy some baby diapers and use them as inserts inside the diaper. I'm currently using the walgreens with underjams as an insert. It cost me about 20 dollars overall, so it doesnt hurt my wallet too bad, although i should have gone and bought some size 6 diapers instead, would have been better for the long term. Anyways, I'm on day 4 with this combo and no leaks yet. I would get some baby diapers size 6 instead of the underjams just because you get more bang for your buck with baby diaper inserts.

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    Go the cheap route until you actually need the good ones. Depends overnight or maximum protection should be able to hold one wetting. With a pampers stuffer, you should really be good to go (pun intended). The suggestion to drink some extra water before bed will definitely help the bladder training.

    Please report back on progress. Good luck to you!

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    if you want to become a bedwetter, you will need to diaper up 24/7, not 20/7.....that 4 hour gap will work to your dis-advantage....wearing 24/7 will (over time) make your bladder shrink, and become weaker...this will eventually lead to bed wetting (where I am now over a year), and eventually day have a long way to go though before you see any results...

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    Well boys... I do appreciate the advice so far.

    I rummaged around in my stash last night and found one of the thin Kendall diapers that I had left over... pretty much like a Depend or any other store brand... had two glasses of tea before bed.

    I woke up around 2AM with a semi full bladder... had to climb out of bed and squat beside it to wet... and it was a pretty large one. Filled the Kendall right up and I had to go change.

    So... after that I think I've decided to stick with the thicker diapers for nights... and keep up with the 2 glasses of drink right before bed... maybe that will get things headed in the right direction.

    Also, Brian... my 24/7 weraring is really more like 22-23/7. If you think it's making that much of a difference I can try not giving myself any time to air out and see what happens... I just don't want a rash.

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    You make me jelous lol. You have the wonderful choice of actually choosing to buy a "worse" diaper... for me, i have to put up with goodnites if I can find them anywhere.

    But yeah, stick with the cheaper ones until u begin to wet at night

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