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    So, all I have tried so far in the adult diaper line up is the "Certainty Fitted Briefs (medium)". These work O.K. but the elastic tends to get loose after a few hours, so I was thinking about trying Attends. I live in Colorado, does anyone know if there is a store that carries these? So far I know Walmart and Walgreens don't...

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    There's probably some shady pharmacy that no one really knows of, in your town that has them.

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    Some independent ones do carry them; there's two around me that do. However their quality has gone way downhill in recent years. Nowadays the one's I've tried are barely equivalent to the CVS store brands and are nowhere near as absorbent as the plastic backed ones they used to have.

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    Go to the Attends site and there should be a link at a location where you can buy them. I did that here where I live and found them to be sold at a medical supply store about 7 miles from my house. Good luck in your pursuit of Attends diapers. I used to really like the Classic 10 Attends but they stopped making them a few years back. I now buy my Attends with the waistband from North Shore Care and Supply near Chicago. The last time I ordered from there they delivered to me in less than a day, but I do live in Northeast Indiana about 4 hours drive fro there.

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