Recently, we've asked a few IRC (Live Chat) regulars to help us with moderation.

These members will be known as "IRC Helpers".

When a full IRC mod is active, they let the full IRC mod handle whatever comes up.

When there is no full IRC mod active, however, they're responsible for dealing with any situations that may arise.

For example, they should take action if:

  1. Someone is disrupting the channel (trolling, flooding, fighting despite being asked to stop, etc).
  2. Someone is using the IRC despite being banned on the IRC and/or the site.

Here, "action" means:

  1. Issuing a 5h tempban against the offender.
  2. Notifying staff with the details of the incident via PM or the requests forum, so further action can be taken.

IRC Helpers are not staff, nor are they full IRC mods.

Full IRC mods are indicated by the "@" symbol within chat.
You may see this called "ops" or "chanops", depending on the chat program you use.

IRC Helpers are indicated by the "+" symbol within chat.
You may see this called "voice" status.

Being an IRC Helper is like being in the army reserves.
They shouldn't see much action, but they're sometimes called upon to help protect the place.

IRC Helpers can use "!kb NICK" to ban a troublemaker for a short period of time.

IRC Helper status will be reviewed at regular intervals. Just because someone has it now, does not mean they have it forever.
It may last anything from a week to years, depending on ADISC's need for help, and various other factors.

IRC Helpers are picked in the same way that staff members are picked - if we want you, we'll ask you.