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    I've always been interested in diapers and accidents. I think my love for diapers came from wearing goodnites when younger for bed wetting but I hated it at the time. After two years of being dry I remember I still had some goodnites and would wear them and pour warm water into them to give me that wet saggy feeling. After that I dreamed of goodnites for years after and wish I still had kept one. Eventually of course I came around to buying a package and have been in love ever since.

    I enjoy occasionally wearing goodnites and messing them. I love to fart in them, especially when its a bit more than a fart and takes me by surprise.

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    Anything non-diaper related you like doing? Stamp collecting? Sports? Plotting world domination?

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    Hi welcome to ADISC
    I am flipfxt I like goodnites too and I am also into photography,motorbikes and videogames how about you?

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