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Thread: Does the monster trick work?

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    Default Does the monster trick work?

    I have heard that if you drink a monster, than 2 water bottles, you will pee frequently for 2 hours. Does this really work?

    EDIT: and could a Bambino diaper hold all that liquid?

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    ive never heard of that. and probably any combination of that much liquid will make you pee alot

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    To the best of my knowlege, the only thing that's making you urinate is all that liquid, the Monster isn't going to affect it. Contrary to popular belief, caffine isn't a diuretic, and won't make you go any more frequently.

    On the other hand, alcohol is a diuretic, and so is green tea. Drinking either of those, among other things, will give you the effect you're looking for.

    NOTE: Diuretics cause the kidneys to dump water from your system, so doing this in excess (I.E. binge drinking, or abusing diuretic medications such as Lasix, Demadex, Dyazide, or Diuril) could be very bad for your body. As with anything, moderation is strongly reccomended.
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    Caffeine actually is a diuretic... albeit one that you develop a resistance to.

    The trick with the Monster is that (I assume) it has such high levels that it works for most anyone, even if coffee doesn't work as a diuretic anymore.

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    Just to let you know, from a medical/pharmaceutical standpoint, caffeine really isn't any more diuretic then water. It's an old wive's tale.

    It is however a stimulant, which will speed up your metabolism, making you process everything faster, not just water.

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    I think that it could still be labelled as a diuretic, as that's a term that simply refers to increasing the ouput of urine... not the process behind it. Or perhaps not, though most people would still think of it that way since the end result (in part) is just about the same.

    It doesn't really matter all that much, though.

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    Another problem with that, Monster doesn't actually have very much caffeine. Not much more than a can of Mountain dew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDude View Post
    Another problem with that, Monster doesn't actually have very much caffeine. Not much more than a can of Mountain dew.
    1 can of Monster Energy drink has 160mL of caffeine, 1 can of Mountain Dew has 55mL.

    To the OP: A Bambino will hold the liquid and is probably one of the only diapers out there that will hold that much liquid. A monster and two bottles of water will do the trick but 3 could work better depending on your weight.

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