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    whats the worse dream you ever had mine was when my family was on afarm and when we would get murdered one by one untill i was the last one then i got murdred and the dream murder was some shadow person
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    Well, mine was that i was in the gym of my elementary and then the basketball nets exploded (i was eight when i had this dream) and the gym began to flood with water, everybody else got away (i think) and i just sank to the bottom, i couldnt move, just struggle. Then i woke up, it was a long time before i slept with my pillow on top of my head again...

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    I've had so many.. my dreams tend to like to punish me. Like the time where throwing up could get you thrown in jail.. (no lie) and other dreams where I'm taken away from everyone I love and forced to be alone forever.. there is a lot of dreams and it's hard to just pick one that has really effected me.

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    Most of my worst dreams were about snakes... although I sometimes have dreams about dying. A few days back I dreamed I was walking along a forest trail, and I saw a sort of staff out of the corner of my eye, and I knew it was Death's scythe (because one knows these things when one is dreaming), and I looked, and Death was there, and I died...

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    Any dreams that include zombies. I had a bad one last night actually. My best friend and I were on this weird metal plated bus driving around at night while a zombie invasion had been going on. So, we're running over zombies outside and they're pounding on the bus. Meanwhile, we're just inside chilling, listening to music, and drinking flavored water (I guess the bus was driving itself). My dreams have a tendency to just jump from one random scene to the next so I end up going outside to find my friend who apparently left the bus and hadn't returned. I find a few survivors and my friend, and then zombies start chasing us. My friend and I get back in the bus and leave the survivors to die. Why? Because there wasn't enough flavored water for all of us to last.

    I love random dreams.

    I've had far too many terrifying ones to pick one, though. Anything with death, zombies, or giant spiders will usually leave an impression on me for a few minutes after waking.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My worst nightmares usually involve having to witness people being tainted with, and subsequently consumed by, death magic. Fortunately, I know that such energies do not exist. But in my nightmares, it's possible for ordinary people to transform into terrifying mockeries of life. Worse, the victims of death magic always remember how they once were. There is always a terrible sense of loss that emanates from them.

    My second worst nightmares involve my dad (big shock there).

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    My nightmares are always about getting caught.
    Of course I can't really share them with anyone, so they just haunt my mind for a few days.

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    I really never have nightmares or i can't remember them ever sence i got this dream catcher.

    My worst one is probably when me and my family are on a dock and a shark comes up and breaks the dock in half causing me to slip and my foot geting caught in the sharks mouth. Then it bites down on it julting me awake rubbing my foot from the pain i still felt when i woke.

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    There are two I recall from maybe 1 or 2 years ago.

    the first is i'm in the shotgun seat of my dad's car, were going down the local interstate I-5 going at around 65-80 MPH. Suddenly he vanishes for some reason and i'm left all alone in the car. I have a innate fear of driving, even last summer when I hate my permit I broke down crying before I got the nerve to take my dad's new sliverado out of park and let it drift into a big, open, empty parking lot. That was the first and only time I ever drove still.

    Anyways in the dream I knew that if I didn't grab the wheel and steer the car it will go out of control and I would likely die. For some reason that's exactly what I do.. I don't grab the wheel the car drifts right goes down the embankment and crashes into a tree, I die and wake up.

    My 2nd dream is my mom killed herself by hanging herself under a bridge. Then later on it turns out it was all a practical joke on me.

    Now I can understand the first dream with the car, fear of driving and that it may be pointing out the lack of control I put on my own life. the only reason I think I would dream about my mom killing herself is that she IS killing herself. She smokes and drinks while having diabetes. So yeah... <_>

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