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Thread: fursuits?

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    Default fursuits?

    any ideas where to get a good quality fursuit?

    tips and tricks for making one?

    any good (and/or bad) fursuits that you've seen?

    basically anything about them.

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    Here's a little bit more on fursuiting that's already here on ADISC: Link But if you really want information on fursuits and fursuiting, you'll want to go here. The FurAffinity forums have a lot more information in league with what you're looking for. If you're still stumped, there are a couple few members here that fursuit, though right now Grizz is the only one that comes to mind. Probably because a large anthropomorphic polar bear is hard to get out of your head, especially when you're addicted to Icees.

    Hope this helps!

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    For starters, I would reccomend to buy a footed sleeper, with paws; and a hoody, with ears. Try at the All in one sleepsuits by the all in one company

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    Fursuits i would not just dive in i would either buy an all-in-one company sleeper as previously suggested or a pair or ears and a tail like i have. Again go to furaffinity and look for a fursuiter who has work that you like its all up to personal preferance. I went to the UKFur boards and got a custom pair of ears and a tail, a full fursuit will be expensive but i am going to say start off slowly not jump into fursuiting head first. There are alot of fursuiters you just need to look in a bit more depth into fur forums as previously mentioned but the key to this is if you are going to fursuit will it be partial or full this will effect the cost drastically and for making them i am unsure i would rather commission a suit as the fur itself can be expensive.

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    I personally wouldn't recommend jumping straight in the deep end and buying a fursuit. They are expensive to commission and almost as expensive to make as well, I've also noted that the majority of furries / scalies change their fursona within their first 2 years and you wouldn't really want that happening after spending $2.5k+ on a one of a kind character.

    As suggested above I would recommend ears and a tail, maybe with paws for a short while or at the most a pre owned partial fursuit (head paws and tail) at first. You can usually find a variety of them for sale on FurBid or FurBuy. the cost and qualities vary from week to week.

    Once you're absolutely sure you've got the fursona you want though I'd suggest checking out or the LiveJournal communities as your first point for fursuit makers. The LJ communities also have a list of all the not so good fursuit makers you may wish to avoid as well.

    At a stretch it may be worth checking wikifur too, I'm not a particularly big fan of the wiki as its extremely biased but their lists of sites and sources are extensive.

    Links (so this post doesn't take up the whole page)

    hope you found this helpful -_^

    Edit: As a side note, the average cost of a partial suit is between $400-$1400US, a full suit is $900-$3000, each dependent on quality, complexity and who the maker is.

    In contrast you can make your own for about $250-$700 but it takes a long time to develop your skills up to the same level a most commission-taking makers.

    only other thing I'll add is a word from the wise veteran suiters: "You can have a cheap fursuit, or a high quality fursuit. Cheap and quality never go paw in paw."
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    I've never done it but if you wanna have fun with it and learn some things/not spend as much...I'd highly recommend doing it yourself! But start small though, maybe yourself some paws or something.

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