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  • Wait until i am 18.

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  • get them online

    17 62.96%
  • go completely crazy.

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  • look up payment methods in NORCAL

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Thread: Poll:What should i do??|ordering online/wait until im 18??

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    Question Poll:What should i do??|ordering online/wait until im 18??

    I think people are making jokes behind my back and i think EVERYONE knows about it. even a school aid made a joke
    "next thing you know he will be bringing pads for when he will need to take a crap"
    I AM seriously thinking that.
    therefor i masturbate while watching diaper girl videos.
    instead of wearing diapers

    i am even having dreams of wearing diapers IN PRISON.

    do you think its better to just wait,
    OR put enough courage into buying them off the internet.

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    Wait, wtf is this thread about?

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    XP Medical is pretty cheap for good quality diapers and they are located in the LA area which I don't think is too far away from you. Though you will have to pay sales tax, also most if not all their items are in plain unmarked boxes even whole cases.

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    You should try and buy some, but before you buy some you must have a hidingplace and you have to know no one would look there, I made the mistake of getting some before so yeah my mother saw it, and it sucked so you should not make the same mistake. Or wait till your 18 and that will make you go insane yeah...

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    you could very well be imagining that people are talking behind your back. just because someone made a comment like "ooh betagame needs diapers" doesn't mean they seriously suspect you actually wear them. i think you should carry on wearing diapers. just be really discreet and make sure no one ever finds out.

    if you've been discreet and people have found out anyway then the chances are they just assume you have an incontinence problem, and it would be extremely rude of them to bring something like that up in conversation. anyone who you overhear talking about it deserves a stern telling off for discussing your private business in public.

    i think you're just paranoid, dude. it's likely diaper-deprivation that has addled your wits, so buy another package, online or in person, and stop worrying so much.

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    Wait...Is there like a background story that goes with this? Because the first post doesn't make much sense...

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    I say get some online, but if you don't have the courage to do that, go check out the Wiki for how to make a diaper.

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    Eh? Order them online or just go buy some. You won't find it that difficult. First time is the hardest, after that, it's so easy that you'll do it naturally.

    As for your friends and what not...If they're teasing you, then they aren't your friends, and when you say school, you mean staff or those within it? If it's staff, I apologise, but I'ma call bullshit on that one. It's very possible ONE staff member would be pathetic enough to tease you about it, but not a multitude, they value their jobs too highly to be sad enough to tease you regarding something simple.

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