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Thread: what anime characters would you diaper?

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    Default what anime characters would you diaper?

    So I don't think anime is as popular on this site as others
    but it's always a good question
    what anime characters would you ethier... diapered by you put into diapers by another character put into diapers any other way [curiousity bed wetting ect.]

    you can just write out a character or use a SHORT story to explain what happens
    have fun!

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    Mitsukuni Haninozuka "Honey"

    My avatar :P

    2. Because I know this cute guy at school who looks like him (and is ALSO older than me)

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    Oh yeah! I saw a few episodes of OHC at a anime club screening
    he IS cute! I agree ^-^

    as for my first set of characters I pick three pokemon girls
    Dawn and Misty
    and Whitney....why her? cause she cries and she is super cute/hot....super cute crybaby=awesome

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    I don't like anime and would prefer it not be on my diapers thankyouverymuch. I'll stick to Disney Princesses, they're a lot more attractive. :P

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    I've always kind of wanted to do this to sailor moon characters, but I can't really think of any others off the top of my head

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    Edward Elric....he gets pissy when you call him little, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by novakidx View Post
    i hate diapered guys
    Should I still respond do this thread then?

    I will anyways. List tiem! diapered by you
    ~Ciel motherfucking Phantomhive. I am so sorry.
    ~Kida Masaomi. Just....yes.] put into diapers by another character
    ~Can you say Firo Prochainezo ten times fast? put into diapers any other way [curiousity bed wetting ect.]
    ~S-shizuo from DRRR!!? YOU KNOW IT'S CANON.

    Also, not animu, but ALL THE SPECIAL INFECTED FROM L4D. YES, EVEN THE TANK. Somebody needs to mod it NOW. I'd pay for that shit. I'm straight when it comes to diapers. Can you tell?

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    I'm just waiting until somebody mentions a character that I know, other than Edward Elric. lmao.

    i just hope that no one goes for kekkaishi characters... that would ruin the series for me... oh, great, now I'm going to picture them in diapers whenever i watch the show...

    pass the brain bleach, please...

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