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Thread: Policing certain parts of the ABDL world...

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    Default Policing certain parts of the ABDL world...

    I have been thinking of this as a followup to my idea of creating more positive ideas in the AB world, and what with all the crap sites that have come along that have left bad tastes in our mouth, such as D*****, Yior, and other sites that exploit minors- what about policing them?

    Site like that give us a bad name and it is something that we clearly do not need in the AB world. Many alread make fun of us because of that stupid CSI episode, 'King Baby', various talk shows such as Jerry Springer, and idiots that get their asses into the news such as the late Heidi Lynn in Arizona.

    I have been thinking about this for some time.

    I also seem to recall somewhere that someone posted something here involving a minor that led to an arrest? Or something like that... We need to find a way to stop all of the bad sites from making us look like idiot morons.

    As a proud uncle to three kids, I would KILL any sumbitch that hurt them in any way like that. Well, not kill literally, but turn them into the law and let the law do it's work. If I ever have kids, and someone did that to my kids, I'd make sure they got a human booster shot from an inmate named Molly.

    I just have been thinking about this for some time.


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    So you made your... sort of rant, and proposed no solutions.

    How would we, normal people, police someone else's site?

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    Our community is built upon a sexual fetish. Pretty much the only thing we can do to stem the cesspool is to provide a mature alternative and grow it into an ever-increasing share of the communities' activities. Thus, ADISC is our solution.

    Regardless, nothing we can do will keep some people to make idiots out of themselves. Sexual urges have a way of making people irrational, and frankly, most people are fairly irrational to begin with.

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    Big subject but i can say that i am a DS convert and i am loving here. I'm trying to delete my account there but something glitched. Anyway It comes down to the fact there will always be stupid people in this world. We must keep our standards high as the rational voices in our community.

    I suppose if, as members of other sites we could police them for inappropriate postings and report them to their servers but that's all i got.

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    we could have like a wall of shame only viewable to regulars or something? like telling people where not to go? but thats the only way i can see. and it would probally end up with creeps posting just enough to be able to see this black list or something. i dont really see how you can police the internet, maybe team america could tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    I also seem to recall somewhere that someone posted something here involving a minor that led to an arrest? Or something like that...
    That is a stern warning from our Benevolent Bovine Benefactor.

    Jerry Springer in an interview on Irish television some time ago, described his talk show as chewing gum for the mind. If you watch enough talk shows, long enough, you will see the same guests appear. These guests are Z-list actors who do the rounds of the talk show circuit making their money out of other peoples bad taste.

    On the subject of the "one whose name we shall not mention" my real concern is are we promoting his site ratings by reference to it (web spiders/crawlers).

    ---------- Post added at 09:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:51 AM ----------

    Speaking of the "one whose name we shall not mention" I went to a great deal of effort in composing a response to his Greeting/Introduction. Seems his post is lost, hope I did not get him censured? Still!

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    Why do we need to "police" anything? If this community or any of the other "above-board" communities are worth half a damn, they'll rise above the crap like D------ and his ilk. It's already largely happened. I mean, Aby was huge and would still be around if its... Illustrious... Founder were a bit more stable. Rupadded and dailydiapers and this site seem to be doing just fine, and d------ has trouble keeping his crappy site online. I think most normal brained people that are part of the community will figure it out just fine.

    As for the non-community, well, they're gonna think what they're gonna think, and they will probably think we're creepy and weird whether they see this site or d------. The best thing we can do is keep on doing our thing and let the chips fall where they may. Too many people spend entirely too much time worrying what people think about them and us when in truth, the only people who would pick us out of a crowd are others who know for what to look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake View Post
    Pretty much the only thing we can do to stem the cesspool is to provide a mature alternative and grow it into an ever-increasing share of the communities' activities.
    This. If there is a concern about the exploitation of minors, then we can empower the law to do its thing. But that's only because it's a legal issue. If there is a concern about a site we don't like and the image it gives us, we can at most boycott it. But we can't censor it just because it gives us a bad image. Other than that, we can only hope that more positive spaces for ABDLs, after the pattern of ADISC and other reputable sites, will emerge in time.

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    As someone else pointed out above, creepy is in the eye of the beholder. A non-ABDL-aware person viewing this site for the first time would probably find us pretty creepy too. Yes, I think D**ker's site is kinda creepy, but in the final analysis I'm less concerned with the likes of him than I am with people who advocate some sort of vigilante action against him and his kind. It puts me in mind of a bullying victim who, instead of taking the high road goes and finds someone weaker and more vulnerable than himself and makes their life miserable to compensate.

    For whatever it's worth, D**ker has been reported, vilified, even harassed more than once. Always, he has been found to be within his rights and within the bounds of law to do what he does. He has been very careful not to cross that line. I am aware that the population of this forum is international in scope and that others may feel differently, but in this country we have certain guaranteed liberties. And these apply to the creeps along with everyone else.

    I'll tell a little story here that may help to put the "D**ker question" in perspective, or it may just get me flamed, but what the heck...
    As it happens, D**ker lives quite near me, (or did, he may have moved) a small city that has been called the most remote metropolitan area in the continental US. It is more than 400 miles to another city of comparable size. Needless to say, a place so provincial is not exactly overrun with liberal thinkers or people who share my fetish. As I've said here before, I enjoy a bit of exhibitionism. And I had a long-standing desire best stated by the poet Robert Burns:
    "O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as others see us!
    It wad frae monie a blunder free us."

    In short, I wanted someone to follow me on one of my adventures and surruptitiously take pictures/movies so that I could watch my own actions and others' reactions from a distance as it were. A lengthy perusal of fetish sites, pornographic personals etc. turned up no one in my area with similar interests. My wife wouldn't entertain the idea, and I had no close friends that I felt comfortable about approaching with the request. The ONLY person that lived nearby and might understand my admittedly pecular needs was....guess who?

    After much thought and with some trepidition, I contacted D**ker by email, explaining what I wanted and inquiring whether he might be willing to meet and accomodate me. He replied promptly and politely, but said that he had been experiencing some harassment and did not feel that he could oblige me, possibly setting himself up for more trouble. He may have thought I was trying to set him up somehow, but I got the distinct impression that he was in fact an extremely shy person who lives mostly in a fantasy world, and does not really desire personal contact with anyone. I was disappointed, but understood where he was coming from, and I honestly appreciated his candor. Incidentally, I never did locate anyone who was willing to do what I wanted. Some years later I discovered an active BDSM group in my area...different fetish, but with some similarities, I contacted some of them thinking at least there might be someone understanding & daring enough to accomodate me. The answer was a resounding "NO".

    What am I getting at with all this rambling? Only this...I think folks on this forum need to lighten up a bit on the deekster. He's just a guy...doing his own we all are. You don't have to embrace him, or like him, or even accept him. But a little tolerence wouldn't hurt. There's an old rule of thumb going around, called the 11th commandment, the golden rule, etc. "Do unto others...". If this particular community really wishes to gain acceptance, a lot more mileage will be gotten out of openness, honesty and a show of tolerance than any sort of infighting or "policing action".

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    All you can do is report them to the authorities... And keep reporting them. Case in point, the guy that used to run YIOR got in a heap of trouble over that. Here is a news snippet: (Names editted out to protect the kids from the all seeing all remembering web crawlers)

    Mother Arrested For Allegedly Selling Obscene Pictures Of Her Kids

    ANNISTON, Ala. -- A Fruithurst mom has been arrested for allegedly selling thousands of obscene photos of her three children wearing only diapers. Michelle S****, 33 years old, was arrested Sept. 1, on charges of enticing children for indecent purposes.

    Police said S**** had been taking orders for the photos from an Internet community with a sexual diaper fetish since the summer of 2004 and had been paid more than $10,000.

    Enticing children for indecent purposes is punishable by one-to-10 years in prison.

    The Department of Human Resources took custody of S****'s children, who are five, seven and 15 years old.

    Brian C*** of Michigan owned the web site and was arrested Thursday on similar charges.

    Deeker... I am blown away that place operated as long as it did. Surely it crossed into the realm of child abuse. One problem is that a lot of the really bad sites are hosted outside of the USA in places like Russia that don't enforce the same laws as most Western countries.

    Just keep reporting them! And report them to multiple organizations! If it's not in your home country that is fine. I believe INTERPOL sends information to the appropriate local authorities.

    National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
    Report illegal images such as child sexual abuse to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
    Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre - Internet Safety - CEOP
    :: Anti-Child Porn Organization ::

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