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Thread: Which is a better choice?

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    Default Which is a better choice?

    So, I'm thinking about ordering online soon, and was wondering which would be better to get (in terms of absorbency, thickness, etc.) Tranquility ATNs or the Abri-Form X-Plus?

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    Since you are ordering online... try the Secure X-Plus. ( they are wonderful... and very absorbant too.

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    Abri X-Plus are great diapers so I say get them. Also XP Medical is the cheapest place for them I think too.

    But Darkfinn also has a good suggestion too. Just find which is the cheapest for you and go for those. But I think it might only be a buck or two cheaper then each other.

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    I love the secure Xplus, I was recently given a molicare to try, by johnaton, I liked it but I think I got more wetting without leaking, into a secure care.

    I compared the two after they were used, by weight, and the secure care held like 2 lbs. more I can't say what it was in ounces but I do drink about the same amount everday.

    I also gave a secure care to jonathon who gave me the molicare, and he said he wasn't thrilled with them, I guess to each his own.

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    Did you have the "new" Secure X-plus with the front & rear waist bands?

    The case I ordered before this one only had a rear waist band... I think the front one is a big improvement.

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    The secures have the band in the front now!?

    This is front page news.. why didn't someone tell me!? *off to buy some*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromos View Post
    The secures have the band in the front now!?
    Recent development I think.

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