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    Hi Guys,

    I'm male and 17 from the UK, just purely a DL and straight. I'm into photography, rock climbing, swimming, county level hockey and badminton aswell as a large amount of voluntary work.

    I really have no idea how this whole DL came along, I've always had the urge to wear and remember asking my parents for "nappies" when I was really, really young. This was ofcourse ignored!
    I started off buying and stashing drynites (as per most people) from about the age of 14. I mainly went to the small Boots Chemist in my town where I also ended up buying several pairs of plastic pants. I was discovered a few times and swiftly pushed in the direction of my doctor to check that I was alrite. From then on, a plastic sheet somehow appeared on my bed and is still there. This lasted me for about 18 months until several growth spurts started the dreaded leaks!

    Nowadays, I'm buying packs of lilfit suprem and tena slip via a mobilty store in my town...its actually surprisingly easy, I email them the product code & name and I get an email back saying when to pick them up....I discretely pop into town, walk home and then hide them in my loft and shed. My last order was slightly incorrect, I ended up with Super-Plus lilfits instead of maxi which was ultimately meant that I've had to double diaper.

    I've gotten a bit lazy recently and stashed them under my bed along with a few pairs of plastic pants....I was heading to bed a few night back and all 3 pairs of plastic pants were under my pillow and had been washed, my mum hasnt said anything to me but its only my own fault if she does!

    I wear about twice a week, mainly because I'm either doing voluntary/paid work or there are too many people in my house. I've gotten to the stage where I don't care anymore, I'm old enough and responsible enough to do my own think and would take offence if siblings/parents made a huge issue over it!


    Apologies, the title is supposed to say "Hi There", please could an admin change it?
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    Hey a158, welcome!

    It's great to hear your mum seems to be accepting of your plastic pants, etc.

    How did you get into rock climbing? I have a friend who is big into that as well..well, big enough he's done it a few times at one of those indoor arenas haha. Do you go to an indoor place or like the wilderness better?

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    Hi, welcome to ADISC, that was a rock solid introduction!

    I'm Desco, I'm into PC MMO games, fantasy books, and fixing PC/PS2/360 and other systems.

    What kind of volunteer work do you do? Just anything you come across?

    Nice to meet you, I hope you find what you're looking for here!

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    Great introduction there. Welcome to ADISC . Hope you enjoy your stay on here as much as I have, lol. Glad you realize that it's your own life and your own interests that you should be focusing on and accommodating for. I now wear without much worry about what others in my family think, but that certainly wasn't the case when I was younger.

    Oh, and I was going to say you can usually edit the title of the thread by selecting to do an advanced edit of the first post. Seems it's all under control now though .
    Anyhow, welcome again.

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    Oh, that's a very nice introduction!
    Welcome to the site!

    Oh and I had to lol at the end, sorry

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    Thanks for the great welcome guys, I find it essencial to be open so a good intro is always a good start....obviously!

    I'm very unsure about the whole plastic pants thing...half of me feels content, yet the other half seems totally ashamed.

    I've been rock climbing for about 7 years now, theres a new indoor centre 20 miles away where I've got a yearly membership, but I also do outdoor rock climbing as I live in quite a rural part of the UK where there are plenty of old quarries and mountains to "bag". The thrill, freedom and control you experience really liberates me, purely because your own safety is in your own hands.

    I've always been incredibly independent and see this "hidden" part of my life as part of my independence, I control it perfectly well so there is absolutely no need for anybody else to get involved or be part of it!

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