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Thread: Would you go without air conditioning to save the environment?

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    Default Would you go without air conditioning to save the environment?

    I came across this article and thought I would post a topic about this. I was wondering how many people would go without Air conditioning to save the environment? I wouldn't. I doubt I could live without it.

    So how about you?

    Should We Give Up Air Conditioning To Help the Planet?

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    Honestly... I just use my AC at night because sleeping is a pain in the ass where I live. The heat is killer. So essentially yes I would I barely use it as is.

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    Easy enough for me where I live. We do have some hot days where it would be nice to have it but I think it's really seen as sort of a moral failing to have it one's home. This is not due to the environment but simply that it's overkill for the few days we get where it would be necessary and there should be some sort of collective suffering involved on those days. Last year we had a blistering heat wave (relatively speaking) where we wound up with a string of very hot days, culminating with 103F/39.4C. No one would look askance at someone for having air conditioning for that but it was gone soon enough.

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    We don't have AC in our house, in fact none of my friends do. Even when it gets really hot I just open a window or occasionally I'll use a fan.

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    I need the AC. My room gets up over 90 degrees with a ton of humidity (the room just feels like a wet oven) most days in the summer, and I just fry. I loose my ability to function and it screws me up horribly. I do not handle heat well at all. Believe me, if I could go without AC I would. It would be better for the environment, yes, but also a lot cheaper for my family and me. To give it up though, I would be trading my sanity and ability to function, seriously. I had a good system with fans in my room that I used to use to make things more bearable, but my life has gotten so much better since I bought my sister's old AC and put it up here. Hopefully someday I'll live somewhere where it's not so necessary (kind of like Trevor's situation), though I will always have fans .

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    Well I used to live 150 miles south of Seattle Washington, so there i wouldn't. But I just moved to Israel and, well, I don't wanna leave my air conditioned room!!!!

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    What's air conditioning?
    In Britain we don't need AC, so I could quite happily give it up for ever!

    I don't know what would be suitably equivalent to discuss... I care about the environment, but not really enough to give up anything important. I already use public transportation, re-use carrier bags (or at least try...), so I don't really know!

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    There's actually lots of ways to make a structure or place more cool. Even in dead heat. Check out swamp coolers, for one!

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    I'd stop using the air conditioning to save money, but environmental factors don't really play into my decision. If I wanted to make an impact environmentally, probably the first thing I'd give up is eating meat.

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    I'm almost entirely on solar for my house, so the AC hasn't been off all summer...I wouldn't give up the AC until summer agreed to stop being above 60f.

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