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    ok i have a chance to go to a ride-aid to get some diapers today and i was wondering what diaper i should get there i want one that i can pee and poop in and i have a wast of 27" so what do u think i should get or wait and get a better one at the medicare store later which i don't know if i will get another chance

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    27" and people call me skinny!

    You'll fit the larger sizes of anything made for babies and children, size small adult diapers should fit you too. Your options are very wide open...

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    I get Depends Fitted Maximum Protection. They have a plastic exterior and three tape tabs. They work great and they come in S/M and Large. you have to read the lables close though because they all look similar.

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    If you have a good opportunity take it, I recommend either goodnites or underjams.

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