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    Angry Roommate problems

    Good morning ADISC, I have a problem. I've been subletting a room in London, ON for the summer, while I work in a lab at the university. The place was messy when I got here, but I've managed to keep it relatively clean since then. So last night, I came back exhausted from a great meet in Toronto to discover a kitchen full of half-drunk beers. Nobody was there, but I figured one of the other people who lives here during the school year had moved in early. Sure enough, a bunch of them showed up at like two in the morning. I went to bed, didn't fall asleep because of all the yelling and screaming. At half past three, they'd all gone out back to drink or something, that is, the one's who could stand. There was a fellow with no pants half-conscious in the bathroom, two more passed out on the sofa, and a lit marijuana bong in the kitchen. I've been hiding in my room since then.

    Somehow everyone but one got up at like nine, woke me up with more yelling, and took off golfing at ten. I had a peek around, and there's a plastic cup melted into the counter, all my dishes are dirty and scattered around the place and it smells like weed in here. I can hear the guy who stayed coughing up mucus in the bathroom...

    The guy I'm renting from is going to get an interesting conversation when he gets back. If I knew who actually owned the place, I would talk to him, but I don't so my options are limited.

    I paid my rent by post-dated cheque, so if I act before Tuesday, I can get my rent back for August, but I'm going home in like a bit more than two weeks. I might be able to stay in a house my professor owns until then, but I'm not sure. I get the feeling this isn't a one-time thing, judging from the three cases of beer still in the fridge. I have a lot of expensive electronics here, but if I stuff them in the car, and lower my standards, I can probably stick it out until I can get out of here but it won't be any fun.

    Thoughts? Advice?

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    I don't know a lot of Canadian law, but I believe you're approaching the situation well. Someone has to know who owns this place, though...if all else fails, check city record? I'm sure there's an easier way to approach it...

    Good luck! Try ear plugs. nightquil, and a hammer. Sorry to hear you're living with a bunch of animals. Charleton Heston is crying.

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    I might look into getting out of there, actually. These guys sound like party-goers and if that isn't your style and they do this thing often, I'd see what part-time housing is available, or maybe your professor/employer possibly.

    My biggest worry would be your electronics as well. Your car might not be the best place for them unless it's parked in a garage or something. London, imo, is not the safest of towns for leaving valuable things in your car. If it's parked in a parking complex of some sort or far away from downtown, great.

    Are you certain these guys are planning on partying everyday and night? It could just be the long weekend or something? Still, take precautions but it might not be as bad as you think.

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    Sigh, well I guess I'm staying. They haven't come back yet, but I've started packing up the valuables I can do without for the next two weeks. My car is parked behind the house, it has a parking lot shared with the neighbours in the back, and my stuff should be okay in the trunk. I'm more confident that it'll be safer there than in the house with this lot. I've got a talk to prepare for a conference and this is exactly the kind of distraction I don't need, but I have to make do, I guess.

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    Too much drama for me, I would be gone but that's just me

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