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Thread: Hello from norway :D

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    Default Hello from norway :D

    I am an TBDL from the Oslo area here in norway.

    My hobbie

    (Are countuning here since i acidently did hit enter LOL )my hobbies Is to watch planes. so i have been through whole europe and in Cannada,Us,Egypt and Tunisia to both watch planes and to see new places. are also spending more than 5 Hours a day playing flight simulator..... ofcourse im on the net in the period and doing other things .... Thats it for now
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    Hi, welcome to ADISC! I'm Desco, I'm into fantasy novels and online PC games.

    When you say you like to "watch planes", what do you mean exactly? I'd like to hear more about that.

    Again, welcome, I hope you like it here!

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    Är du norsk? Trevligt! Hejsan

    Welcome to ADISC! From a scandinavian neighbour

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