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Thread: Hello all! First time on here:)

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    Default Hello all! First time on here:)

    Hello everybody! I'm BabyScrat. I tried really hard not to steal anybodies username so if i came to close please tell me and I'll make the change. I read the sticky so I'll write more and hopefully not bore you. if it's good maybe I'll be lazy and copy it to my profile

    I'm 22 years old and I've been attracted to diapers since i can remember. To my knowledge there was no specific trauma to cause the connection between diapers and comfort or regressing for that matter. Although there is a long portion of my childhood that my memory has blocked out so the possibility is there. I enjoy both disposables and cloth but tend to lean more towards the disposables. I have had two successful relationships with diapers and life was good. as a matter of fact it was a former girlfriend that helped me come out of the crib!

    Anyway, I love martial arts and have trained in a few styles and i hold a BB in one style of Karate. I am not the kind of person to argue about what style is better because no one can ever truly tell.

    I love surfing and while I'm not excellent I make myself happy.

    I love the Guitar and try to write my own songs. (long way to go)

    I just moved to Israel so and I'm already in Diaper withdrawal because I'm in a dorm on a kibbutz. ( I'm gonna sneak my binky when no one is looking though)

    Anything else feel free to message me! I'm really hoping for mature conversations and good friends.

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    Hiya, welcome to ADISC! I'm Desco, I like fantasy books, online PC games, and anything with a plug. =)

    Very good introduction, I have a couple questions: (Feel free not to answer, I won't mind)

    1. What style of Karate do you have a Black Belt in?
    2. Where'd you live before you moved to Israel?
    3. What ages do you have a memory block in?

    Nice to meet you, and I hope you like it here!

    P.S. I really liked "Come out of the crib." That's the funniest euphemism I've heard in a while. Did you make that up?

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    Hello Desco! I don't mind answering at all, after all i'm to talk right?

    I hold a black belt 2nd degree in Freestyle Karate. It's not a particularity strong system but i study in many systems and don't care much for the actual ranks now. my other styles are: ShimPu Ren Karate, Mixed Butokukan Karate, Premier Martial Arts, and Ishyama Ryu Batto Jutsu or Stone mountain School of Swordsmanship. all in all i've been training for about 14 years.

    I used to live in the pacific northwest in Washington State. About a 150 miles south of Seattle, right smack dab on the coast. I could here the waves from my house.

    The block thing is tricky but i do know that I relate all childhood memories to the age of 9 and from that supposed age things are still very fuzzy until about 13 or 14. It comes back halfway through my 1st Jr. high school relationship. I do have a few scattered memories though but it's hard to tell whats memory and whats not.

    Ha! Honestly I can't remember, I have a terrible memory for a lot of things. I would love to take credit but it is possible i got it somewhere else. It sure seems like something i would come up with though!

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    Nice to se you her and welcome hope you are going to like it her.

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    Wow, that's awesome. You would NOT be the person to try and mug, eh? Lol.

    Just curious, why'd you move from Washington all the way to Israel?

    About the memory block, if you're wanting to try and unearth some of those repressed memories, I can give you a few tips some time, but I will say that the human mind usually has it's reasons for blocking things out, so I can't guarentee they'd be positive memories.

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    I probally should get them out sometime because I do have temper problem and I think they are related. So any help would be apreciated.

    I moved to Israel because I am Jewish and I feel a strong connection to the country and I have a desire to to do my part in it. I'm not sure if I'll live my whole life here but for a while at least I'm not anti-American i just have to do this for me.

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