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Thread: Hi kids - greetings from Berlin

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    Default Hi kids - greetings from Berlin

    Hi kids,

    for the first, i'm sorry for my not perfect english.
    I'll try to be readable. So please don't be mad with me.
    I found this community with the help of google. ^^
    I'm a 35 year old babyfur which missed his childhood a lot.
    Maybe i'm a diaper lover too a bit, but it isn't a fetish allmost to me.
    I'm living near to berlin, germany and i'm a administrator in a smaller school for adults.
    The childhood is one of the best part of a life ... or have to be.
    I never got it because my family is broken up where i was a half year old.
    After that my parents having a lot of problems with them self and my childhood was ending quickly.
    But i'm don't worry about that, i've taken a second one.
    I've my own kidsroom, my baby clothes and toys and i love to hug my plushies and playing a lot with my toys.
    I think, i could be happy to be able to hold a childhood for the rest of my life.
    I hope, i could find some new friends here to discuss about all the stuff around the world.

    warm greetings and a shy hug to all of you

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    Hi, and welcome to ADISC!
    What are some of your "normal" interests/hobbies?

    I'm Desco and I like fantasy books and PC video games, nice to meet you!

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    Thanks, Descolada.
    Sorry, i've forget to tell about my hobbys. ^^

    Dolphins are the most important part of my life, i love to talk with peoples, driving with my car and reading fantasy books.
    The nature is a important part too, i love to chill outside of any civilization.

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    That's cool, I like being outdoors too. When you say "dolphins are the most important part of my life", what do you mean? I'd love to hear more about that.

    Also, what fiction authors do you like, and English or German books?

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    well, my english should be better to read a english version of a book.
    My favorite book is "Sternenflut" from "David Brin", i didn't know the english title, sorry.
    The story talks about a starship where the crew are allmost dolphins, some humans and a monkey.
    It is a funny and very interesting book.
    My love to dolphins is a part of my broken childhood.
    I love them since where i'm 15 or 16 year old.
    They was like a replacement for my parents where i've find a lot of feeling of security and a lot of points of a ideal character.
    My only dream for a lot of years was to touch them, to kiss them and tell them how deep my love is.
    2 years ago comes the moment where that dream comes true.
    I worked with dolphins, swim and hold they in my arms, i told them all i ever has wish to tell them.
    It was the greatest moment in my life. The dolphins has helping me to forget the pain of all the bad things happen where i was a lil kid.

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    That's awesome, I've heard dolphins can be very therapeutic. I'm glad you found something that helps you out.

    As far as I know, "Sternenflut" Is "Stern Flood" in English, but I'm not sure how good of a translation that is.

    Also, you might want to read books in English after reading their German counterpart, if you can. It could help you get a better grasp of the language.

    Just curious: how long have you spoken English?

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    I didn't got the chance often to speak it.
    I allmost use it in written form like in communitys or chats with friends.
    The time where i worked with the dolphins i used my english much because the team comes from all around the world so that the main linguage was english.
    My english was good enough to talk and working with the dolphin crew.
    But i need to learn much more to get it allmost correct. ^^
    Before that (2 years ago) i had use it not really much and it was much more worst.
    The problem ist, how more worst it is, so less i talk with others.
    The point where i try to come in contact with others is reached.
    Only then can i learn more and more.
    So it will be absolutly ok to correct me if you want to do so. ^^

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    The problem ist, how more worst it is, so less i talk with others.
    The point where i try to come in contact with others is reached.
    I didn't really understand that part. Could you say it again, differently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chelmers View Post
    I don't often get the chance to speak it.
    I mostly use it in written form, like in communities, or chats with friends.
    The time when I worked with the dolphins I used my English a lot because the team comes from all around the world, so the main language was English.
    My English was good enough to communicate and work with the dolphin crew.
    But I need to learn much more to get it mostly correct. ^^ [This sentence is awkward no matter how you word it.]
    Before that (2 years ago) I had not used it much and it was much worse.
    The problem is, the worse it is, the less I talk with others.
    The point where I try to come in contact with others is reached. [Not really sure what you are trying to say.]
    Only then can I learn more, and more.
    So it will be absolutely okay to correct me if you want to do so. ^^
    You gave me permission to correct you. I went to town on this. For starters, the word "I" is ALWAYS capitalized. This was done to distinguish the word "I" from other words back when everything was hand written and cramped together. Also, languages ALWAYS have a capital letter in front of them in English.

    Oh, and your post lacked commas.

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    Thanks helping me to learn a better grammar.

    @Descolada, sorry .. I think I used wrong terms and definitions.

    What I tried to say was, until my English become a minimun needed level, I had not used it much.
    But I can't improve it if I don't use it.

    (I hope it is a bit better like before.) ^^

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