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Thread: In need of friend(s)...

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    Default In need of friend(s)...

    Feeling down today...

    I'm new here. I've been around ADISC numerous times checking out the various forums and I have finally decided to join! I need good people who FULLY understand me in my life.

    I go by V or Duckie, I'm 22, I enjoy playing soccer.. and that's pretty much it. I'm a simple girl for the most part. I identify myself as a DL with AB tendencies, usually when I've had a bad day and I just want to be comforted, which never happens. I usually stay home when possible so I can fantasize about my dreams of being babied and just plainly cared about.

    I doubt myself a lot, I blame myself for things I have little control over, I am stressed out Monday-Friday 9-5. On the weekends I'm depressed because I feel most alone (my girlfriend would rather spend her free time elsewhere). I do not have any close friends who know everything about me. My girlfriend is the only one who knows everything about me, but understands little. I have one friend who knows and fully understands only about my constant battle with SI. I have trouble asking for help, especially when I consider that other people have more important things to do.

    I find happiness in my fantasy land. I wear diapers, pretend I am little with no responsibilities, no burdens. That someone cares enough to check my diaper, and change me when I'm wet. To hold my hand while crossing a street, or kissing me when I get hurt.

    I hope to gain a friend and be one to those who would want me. I find comfort in simply knowing someone cares and that I have someone if I need to talk.


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    Hi, I'm Desco, welcome to ADISC! I have to say that was a very good introduction.

    I like to play soccer, but I don't like to watch it much. Anything else you're into, as far as normal interests and hobbies go?

    I hope you'l find what you're looking for here, you certainly picked the right place to find understanding, supportive people.

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    Hi Desco, thanks for your reply and for welcoming to the community.
    Watching soccer has never been something I enjoyed either. I find it very difficult to pay attention to the game when I'm playing goalie. I usually try really hard not to daydream, even when I'm getting shot on a lot. BUT I love to play on the field too, usually forward because I run less-ish. What position do you play?
    I don't really have any other interests besides my secret life. I enjoy watching tv? But then again, who doesn't?


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    Welcome duckie!

    I'm unfortunately heading to bed, but I wanted to stop by and say WELCOME! I'm pretty new here too, but I'm always down for new friends.

    I used to play goalie for soccer...ahhhh, that was fun. Not. haha, I have the eye hand coordination of Mr. Magoo...nah, just kidding. Thats why I play video games.

    Hope to see you around,

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    Wow. Duckie, welcome to ADISC. Here, we are a family, and we are friends. I could have written almost all of this post myself. I'm also 22, disabled, and very lonely most of the time. I too am often very stressed, and depressed. I am also a self-doubter and have a low sense of self-esteem. I also long for that person to check and change my diapers and take care of me in the way you listed. I think you'll find you are by no means alone on that one here. Heck, I also took a while to join the site after looking at it for a while.

    I have one friend who knows and fully understands only about my constant battle with SI.
    SI? I think I know what this is... forgive me if I'm coming off as a bit dumb here, lol. Is that Sensory Integration, or Social Security.... ?

    Well, I hope you are able to find the support you are searching for here. This truly is a great place to come for it. It has really helped me in so many ways. Best wishes.

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    Thanks TeeDee for the warm welcome!
    I'm not too great at goalie either, I'm just lucky! I'm only 5'2 so you can imagine how well that works to my advantage. Luckily, I play in a lower bracket so my opponet usually tries to dribble the ball litterally through me or shoots it at me. Once in a while, I'll actually have someone shoot it over my head. But I'd have to say I'm pretty intimidating to offset my height.
    Sleep tight! Hope to see ya around too..

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    Hi Spddan!
    Well, I think we have A LOT in common which means we should get along pretty well right? Well I look forward to talking to you soon and perhaps getting to know you better! I think this could be the start of a good friendship


    SI? I think I know what this is... forgive me if I'm coming off as a bit dumb here, lol. Is that Sensory Integration, or Social Security.... ?
    I don't think your dumb, It's really out of context so I really didn't expect anyone to get it but it means Self Injury...

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    Welcome to ADISC!!

    Here are some friends for you, free of charge.


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