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Thread: Ahh extracting 9x drivers!

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    Unhappy Ahh extracting 9x drivers!

    I should be getting a 200 MHz Packard Bell shipped in next week for the purpose of playing dos games natively. I will want to back up all its drivers and I don't know how. It should be running windows 98 currently and all the hardware drivers should already be installed. However, I want to rip the drivers off the 98 installation and use them in a windows 95 installation on another hard drive. The problem is setup executables used originally to install 98 are long gone and unavailable. I am therefore forced to extract/rip the drivers from the 98 installation. No clue how this is done. I do not know how to extract .ini files and their respecive file associations. Help!

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    just out of the blue: why would you wanna fiddle with windows 95?

    secondly : i can happily recommend running win98SE on it, together with "unofficial" community made patches, that fix some of the bugs, that left over after official abandonment of the os in 2006, and add in new functionality, features etc. (it runs purrfectly fine in vmware that way)

    thirdly: windows 98se has the 98se2me killer replacements patch, which fixes something of about 700+ files from winme into a clean and virgin win98se installation, though it requires a requires either way an official english cd from windows me, or a copy of the 9x folder from the installation disk on the harddrive, since thats where it takes its files from (both can be found with a good google search on various places)

    it will end up looking like this :_) V

    also : you might have use for some of these links, which helped great when i was setting up my vm

    last versions of software available for 98se

    * unofficial servicepack 2.1a

    * autopatcher for win98se

    also : msfn in general is a good place for lots older and newer windowses related stuffs and updates ^-^

    // e-d-i-t : i used to have a pentium 200 mmx myself ^-^, which ran most games pretty darned fine on win98 (and later on me) it got tossed away, sadly enough :/

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