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    Default Hello.

    Hi. My name is Katie (well, my little self is named Katie, anyway) and my big-girl age is twenty-three years old, while my little age is still being defined--roughly toddler, I'd say at this point, but don't hold me to it, as my blurb, and my life, are a work in progress. I am an AB/DL in a very small town you've never heard of (mostly because it's not on the map and we don't have our own post office, so we have to use the next town over's) in West Virginia. Bad place to be an AB/DL, but there you go. I currently identify as pansexual, but I think if I were ever in an AB/DL relationship, I would not want to do anything grown-up with my Mommy or Daddy. Babies don't do that sort of thing! (But Mommy or Daddy would certainly be welcomed--actually, encouraged--to find another Mommy or Daddy to share his or her life with. And me, of course.)

    (Please note: I am not currently looking for a Mommy or Daddy; the above is only to let you know more about me and who I am as a person. I'm still figuring out who I am as a little, so I'm not really ready to have a care giver yet.)

    My interests outside of diapers and the AB life are writing, Photoshop, fanvidding, and coding websites. Keep in mind that I'm not great at any of those other than writing. I'm also self-effacing and humble, in case that wasn't obvious, and tend to blush and deny it furiously whenever someone compliments me.

    My interests within the AB/DL frame are diapers, of course, pacis, cuddly stuffed animals (I have quite the collection; it's the only aspect of my AB life that I leave out in the open/my family thinks nothing of), and childish-style clothes. I like fun prints like kitties and flowers, and soft, stretchy materials that I can lounge around in with a diaper on under.

    As mentioned above, my family does not know about my AB/DL life. Despite my age, I live at home with my grandparents (who legally adopted me when I was fourteen), and they are very nosy. This makes it difficult to "hide my stash" and has left me reading the TB threads more than the AB threads, because the things I'm going through seem similar to what TBs do--getting things past nosy family members, adults who like to go through your mail, etc.

    If I may share a brief history of my experiences (this post is getting long already and there's more to cover! I'm sure you've all stopped reading by now. I'M SORRY.), I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family, and was age five before I began to have cousins (no siblings other than step, who came later on in life and who I never see). Because I was five and they were so young, I wanted to "fit in" with them, so I'd ask the adults to "play baby" with me. They indulged me, in the "isn't she silly?" kind of way, and diapered me/gave me bottles and pacis/etc, up until about age eight, when they decided I was too old, and stopped. I remember making make-shift diapers out of towels or small blankets/throws when I was younger, but I don't think I ever actually used them. I stopped during my teen years, due to some issues such as depression and suicidal tendencies--this is why I moved in with my grandparents, as the family my mother had married into after her divorce from my father was abusive, and I needed to escape. Once I had seen a psychologist and worked through those issues and was no longer suicidal, I could once again focus on my interests and my lifestyle. This was roughly around the time I began college five years ago. I began to indulge myself every now and again at that time, and finally a few months ago realized that this wasn't a phase, it wasn't just something I did for fun, and it was real and my life and I had to own up to it. Since then, I've acquired the typical baby accessories so that I can immerse myself (within reason) in this world.

    Recently, I've been trying to find the right diaper for me--I'm an extra-big AB, so I can't just buy mine at the drug store. The closest I've come was an Extra Large Bambino sample that I augmented with some of the stretchy sides from a pair of drugstore brand disposable briefs, but I accidentally added too much of the stretchy sides and it left them so big they wouldn't stay up. A nice change to be wearing something too big for me, let me tell you. ;-) I'm currently waiting on a sample of Tranquility ATN bariatric diapers, so we'll see how that goes, but if anyone knows of any extra-big diapers out there, I'd be grateful for a suggestion.

    Currently my other biggest baby thing is my pacifier--while I one day want to invest in a Nuk 5, for the time being I have an Avent 6-18 months orthodontic clear paci. I didn't like it at first because the nipple didn't seem long enough and the bottom of it cut into my chin, but then I realized I'd been using it upside down and now not only does it not cut into either my chin or my nose, the nipple is actually long enough that I can actually suck it now instead of just biting it to keep it in place. Sometimes, I am a silly baby, obviously.

    I found this site through Google while looking for information about Nuk 5s. There are a lot of posts about it here!

    And um...other than that, the only other thing going on in my life right now is my quest to find a job. (I just graduated from college in May.) I've been interviewing a lot lately, but it's for state jobs so they take weeks/months to hear back from. Fingers crossed!

    And um...if there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask. I'm a fairly open book and I'd love to make new AB/DL friends. So few people understand this life and I'm eager to find others who do.

    (And if you read all that, treat yourself to a nice bottle of warm milk and your favorite cookie. You deserve something special!)

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    Hello Katie, it's nice to meet you, welcome to ADISC. (by the way, I read the entire post, I've read longer).

    While it is nice that you told us so much about your *B/DL life, most of us would rather know more about your life outside of that. So, I'm going to ask: Outside of *B/DL, What do you do for entertainment?

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    As I said, my free time is spent writing, fanvidding, Photoshopping, and doing website work. I actively participate in a number of fandoms--my biggest at the moment being Star Trek. Most people who aren't in fandom tend to think that doing those things sounds like work, but if you love it, then it's really fun! It takes up most of my free time, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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    welcome to the site and good luck with your job hunt what line of work are you hoping to get in to

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC (also read the full post but my ADD was fighting me allot lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsendo View Post

    Glad to have you on board.
    awesome lol

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    Well, my degree is in communications, because my school didn't have a proper film major. If you wanted to learn film at my school, you majored in communications, minored in film, and then concentrated on the area you wanted to do, so if you wanted to be a director, you'd concentrate on directing classes, for example. I wanted to be a writer, so I took screenwriting classes, studied with other people for school credit (such as going to another state for a two week long course with the chair emeritus of UCLA's screenwriting program), etc.

    Which is my long, rambly way of saying that I want to be a writer but will probably end up being a secretary. I'm oddly okay with this.

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    Welcome! I write as well, and play around with video and audio. Nice to meet you!

    And now...for something random:

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    Welcome and very nice and thorough introduction. My passion at the moment is writing. Rather than scripts and plays, I'm into novels and poetry. I hope you enjoy adisc. We are a diverse group and talk about a lot of different subjects. Enjoy!

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