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    My name is terraqua and I'm a babyfur, also I'm a nice and kind person who can get along with anyone I talk to. My hobbies are drawing and listening to music for several hours. I always had an intest in diapers when I was young and when I stumbled onto the furry fandom I became a babyfur. I stumbled onto this site looking up random things on my computer, but I am glad I came to this site. That is really all I can think of to say.

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    That sounds oddly like my story, Terraqua

    Welcome to the site though! Glad to have you. A babyfur huh? There's a whole forum dedicated to them... also, several of us hang out on the Live Chat (look at the top!)

    Anything else you're interested in? You said music... what genre?

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    So your story is similar to mine thats cool. I didn't notice the Live Chat at all I wonder how I could miss seeing that lol.
    I listen to a little of every genre nothing specific yet.

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    welcome to ADISC you lil babyfur!
    Hope you have a lot if fun exploring the whole site and making great friends along the way!~
    - Will

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