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    Been around the AB/DL community for years and registered on the site awhile back so thought Id intorduce myself. Im Vash, 32yo AB/Daddy from Oklahoma. I enjoy long walks on the beach, good literature, oh whoops sorry. I'm a pretty cool cat once you get to know me. Im a fun loving guy who enjoys competiton shooting, street bikes, dirt bikes, tattoos, art, and generally anything that will entertain me for more than 2 minutes. Looking forward to meeting some new diaper pee-ple and maing some new friends.

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    Art and tattoos - aren't they one in the same?

    Welcome to the forums (well, belated welcome! You were here before me!)
    If you haven't yet, check out the Live Chat. I'm sure you'll be welcomed into chat.

    AB/Daddy huh? Does that mean you're a switch?
    Do they even have beaches in Oklahoma?

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