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Thread: The best babying you've ever had?

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    Default The best babying you've ever had?

    I'd like to know stories about you guys. I just got my best baby day ever.

    That's mine I would like to know about your guys days. Which has been your best. Be it alone watching TV. or at a AB/DL party or convention or whatever you guys think is your Number 1 best day ever! Mine is above! *nods* I love hearing REAL stories.... something about the written ones I just can't get behind they are cute but nothing beats the real thing.

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    Wow.... lucky man.

    I haven't been babied but I can tell you the closest thing to it that I've done (with my ex). (Note that she knows about a few of my "tamer" fetishes but I hadn't told her everything just yet).

    Basically she was moving to a new place and we had to get all her stuff into boxes for the move. The place was a mess, just everything everywhere. There was a reward for me at the end so I was happy to help (I was told to budget the whole day for this). I got there early in the morning and we cleaned up the place together and boxed whatever needed to be boxed. There was a lot of stuff so we were working together for a good couple of hours with the occasional 5-10 minute beak every once in a while (probably 3 breaks between the time I got there and noon). We had lunch with whatever was in the fridge and a few snacks, we had; cheese and crackers, sandwiches with whatever deli meat was in the fridge, some fruits (grapes, oranges and apples), and tea. After lunch we continued and were finished a little after around noon. There was still a bit more to do but that needed to be done last thing.

    So after we finished the chores around her place we decided to have a bit of fun. Like I've said I've only been to "second base" with her (playing with her nipples and breasts). So we find a DVD and pop it into her computer to watch (it was a "chick flick" for kids/younger teens) We shut the blinds to shut out the outside world since we were the only people that mattered at that moment. we start to undress so that I'm in my undies and a t-shirt and she's in her bra and panties (very sexy lacy almost lingerie type underwear). We throw a blanket over ourselves and were pretty much cuddling the entire movie and petting each other. When it finished we had a "snack time" with dunkaroos, oreos, and some sort of cranberry/blueberry/grape juice (sometimes she just acts like a little kid and has things like "Lunchables" and dunkaroos around her place). Because we already packed most of the stuff into boxes we didn't have any cups so we had to improvise and funnily enough she has one of those rubbermaid juice containers that was in some random corner of the room. Just like one of the ones that kids have (she takes a few full of juice to school since it's "greener" than the small packs and so that she can drink whenever she wants in between classes or whatever). So we're both drinking out of them just like little kids on a play date.

    After the little snack break we go back to the bedroom and continue where we left off cuddling and almost falling asleep in each others arms. She starts to stroke me "down there" and I'm playing with her as well focusing a lot of attention to her chest. I was in a pretty relaxed state by then and almost nodding off, then she forces my head underneath the blankets and tells me to stop teasing her and to suck on them. It was as if she almost knew my fetish for being an AB (actually writing this right now I'm almost sure that either she knew or was an AB herself or at least trying out new things). I take off her bra and play around with her breasts even more and eventually started to suck on them. I did this for a good 5 minutes or so and then when she was "empty" (she can't lactate but by then was finished with that foreplay) she pushed me off but held my head up to her chest cuddling me for a few more minutes. Then she does the same thing to me switching positions with her playing with my nipples/chest. She knows I have a thing for a bit of roughing so she lightly scratches at my chest while playing and sucking my nipples. When she's "full" she put her head right up to my chest and started hugging me.

    By this time I was really aroused and knew I couldn't get any relief for a little while longer it's almost as if I'm in chastity. She asks me to rub her and I do so while nibbling on her neck and ear and kissing her until she orgasms. She grabs my hand and tells me to taste it. Once shes satisfied she starts to return the favour (hand only, no mouth) and tells me to taste a bit of myself. I take a bit of a taste and she licks off the rest of her hand.

    We then take a shower together (it's not as romantic as it seems but we made the best of it). We lathered each other up, rinsed each other off, and we both shaved ourselves down there. Once we're finished she makes me put on one of her bras and a pair of her old/stretched out panties. On top of that I put on my shorts and t-shirt, it's totally not obvious that I'm wearing womens underwear underneath my clothes. We go out to the grocery store just a few blocks away (a 10 minute walk) since I'm wearing womens underwear underneath I'm a bit nervous but since it's totally not obvious unless I was searched or something we just continue as normal and pick up a few items then make our way back to her place.

    We prepare dinner and eat (dinner was simple just some "microwave side dish", potatoes, regular garden/green salad (we add tomatoes and cucumber to it), and canned stew with a soupish consistency) then we went back to the bedroom.

    I took off my tshirt and shorts and she was back in her lacy lingerie/nightwear. From there she took a used pair of panties held it to my face told me to sniff and after put it over my head. She belittled and humiliated me for wearing girly underwear, having a pair of used/dirty panties on my head, and having such a small wee wee that couldn't satisfy her (in reality it's not that small but that kind of talk arouses me), then told me I was a naughty boy and needed some discipline. Using a home made paddle she gave me a spanking and when she was done allowed me to take off the panties and bra. Then she put some lotion on my bum, pleasured me down there, and cuddled with me. We watched another movie, did our pre bed rituals (brush, floss, etc.) and went to bed cuddled up together.

    The next day I had to help her actually move the stuff and unpack it. There was no time for a reward since it took the whole day to move everything but I spent that night with her as well just cuddled up against each other.

    Now that I've written this all out I kind of realize that maybe there was more to her than I originally thought and that maybe she also shared some of the other fetishes that I had but didn't tell her about as well. It's actually kind of a complicated situation that we're in right now, we're not broken up but not really "together" either so it's just much easier to say she's my ex but who knows we might pick up the relationship back again later.

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    Fur luv that's sounds like fun experience

    And a believable story!

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    I should probably say I did embellish a bit of it (the lacy lingerie wasn't something from victorias secret or anything and when we were drinking out of the juice containers it wasn't really "play time", just two adults eating lunch but I think she could tell it was kind of turning me on). Also this is only from what I remember (who could forget a day like that), it did play out a bit differently but that's the basics.

    The time I had with her was very memorable and special. I kind of miss it but we decided that right now it's for the best.

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    Last night was one of my best ever. Yes, this happened only last night.

    My wife is fully aware of my AB side with my incontinence and will indulge me from time to time with some fun play, but she has not yet come to fully accept what she wants to do with it or the role she wants to take. For now she has accepted that she is my wife, but also slips into 'mommy' from time to time when we play. She knows how much I have missed someone having truly care about me in that role in my life.

    She'll cuddle and snuggle me, diaper me, and give me a bottle of warm milk. Usually that's it. She won't often talk about any of it, that is something that tends to bother her.

    Last night, however, we were cuddling and she was stroking my head as I lay with it up against her breasts (I usually drop down when playing into a lower position like this). I was happy as any baby could be, she had diapered me for bedtime, so I was slightly tired, but fry and a little sleepy. I was telling her how happy I was and how I was so lucky to have the best thing in the world.

    "A dry diaper?" She asked. No.

    "A warm, wet, squishy diaper?" Laughing, no. "You," I told her.

    Mommy really does treat me special.

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