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Thread: hey guys~just wanna say hi

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    Default hey guys~just wanna say hi

    hey I'm 15 and I like diapers
    so uh my story..I was born disabled,so my legs are a bit "broken" I can still walk fine now but anyway,instead of being toilet trained I needed to be trained to walk again and I have CHOSEN to not re-train myself

    so understandably I'm going through a puberty stage right now
    so excuse me if I'm sexual because it's like a fetish at this point

    anyway I'm a RPer and a gamer,I usually like answering stuff via questions
    so if there is anything you want to know,ask away,but please don't flame

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    *smiles* seems like RPing is dry around here..

    I added my name to the RPer list so if anyone wants i'm open
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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I had to learn to walk again, back when I was little due to a dislocated hip. That was all before memory, though XD

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    cute avi
    do you like dogs?
    I have 2 dogs [3 cause i'm taking care of my friend's for two weeks]

    I mean I don't HATE dogs..i just don't really care about my pets at all
    my mom is the dog lover

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    Dogs are great! =D I miss not having dogs around to cuddle....

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