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Thread: Buying diapers at your local store

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    Default Buying diapers at your local store

    I HATE going to the store to buy diapers, I like getting them online so I don't have to be seen by anyone, but since I stay @ my house during the summer, I'm always afraid of my mom or sis finding out about them, especially since my mom's a cop and questions everything.

    Anyway, I went to the grocery store to buy them today and when I went down that isle, I started pouring sweat. The problem is that the town I live in is full of people who know me... I kinda made stupid/funny youtube vids when I was in high school and did TONS of entertaining dumb things, so people knew who I am...I swear like at least one person that knows me is somewhere where I go, especially the store...where the diapers are at. It makes me so nervous, it's ridiculous. But I did manage to get them luckily.

    How do you feel about buying diapers at the store?

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    I just go through and buy them. No need to worry, a lot of people in my area know me, but they don't care or gossip over what I buy.

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    the paranoid dl side of my brain it feels like there are thousands of eyes staring at me questioning and wondering why im buing diapers but the logic side of my brain says nobody gives a damn about me and that i care too much about what others think

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    At first I was very nervous about buying at the store, but I got over it. I have even run into people I work with as I walking into the store, and still had no problem buying diapers. I think you might find the more you go to the store to buy diapers the less nervous you will get.

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    I've learned not to worry...if I'm buying diapers, I either need them--or my girl wants them.

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    It's still very awkward and scary, but it's doable now. I'm not really worried about someone I know appearing there, I'm not really worried about anything there actually. It's just a rather scary experience...

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    Quote Originally Posted by oblivionxi1 View Post
    It's still very awkward and scary, but it's doable now. I'm not really worried about someone I know appearing there, I'm not really worried about anything there actually. It's just a rather scary experience...
    In my experience, it tapers off after a bit. Besides, if anyone you know does see you..there's a million ways to pawn it off.

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    I know longer buy in stores. Only online.

    Not only do I get better quality diapers online, but every time I go to Wal-Mart, I literally see at least 5 people I know. There is a CVS local to me, but there are people who work there that know my dad well. And even with some people I don't know, they somehow magically know who I am and whose son I am. My dad is well known in the area (he's a doctor), and god forbid if somebody who knows him sees me buying diapers and they tell him "I saw your son yesterday, he was buying adult diapers for some reason" or something like that (You'd think normal people wouldn't say stuff like that, but in my area, no one is normal. My area is filled with retards). Sorry for the excessively long post.

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    Last time I bought from a store, I had people giving the strangest looks. I laughed about it later, but it totally sucked buying them. If I could order online, I would, but I fear my parents would open the package and flip.... and then freak out more.

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    I'm a well know musician in my home town, so I buy on line. Since I wear cloth I have to buy online anyway. I have bought Goodnites in the store and I'm always a little bit nervous about it. One time I had to abort the mission because I saw two people who knew me, and this was in a large Wall Mart.

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