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Thread: umm..hai

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    Default umm..hai

    *looks around at the big webpages* what do me types.... me is Sables..i ish babyfur,husky ish 3 wears olds ^-^

    uhhh..yus me thinks thats its.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    +1. I'm not sure if he/she/it's doing that talk on purpose, but I can't understand "txt sp33k" that much.

    Do you have anything else to say, like interests outside of being a fur?

    Welcome to ADISC...

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    ummmmm......i play lots of games, wike tf2, L4d2, alian swarm,Garrys mod( best game ever)

    what else you want you knows?

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    It's not that we want to know, it's just that we don't really like people coming in saying "i wuv diapees n i lik waerin onesiys,,,,,,,i tink tht it".

    We're not going to interview you, we just want to know what you like to do outside of ADISC.

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    Please Please Please read the rules and take note of the "Be mature!" part other than that welcome to ADISC

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    Quote Originally Posted by SableWolphen View Post
    /////// (not going to let Zep one up me...)

    That's called a rank post! Congratulations! J/K but whatever. Welcome again.

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